Who is Your AKA?

indiana jones lego garden toysLego Beth aka Indiana Jones

When you let your fantasies run wild, who do you really want to be?

Last year during an innovative personal development class, I was tasked with picking five people who I'd love to be and told to let my imagination take charge. Then while evaluating the list, I was asked to mark two imaginary lives that caused me to feel the most embarrassment.

The idea behind this exercise is the belief that hidden within these other personas is a deep unacknowledged desire, yearning to find fulfillment. Looking back at my most embarrassing answers from a year ago, I realized that my two small voices have definitely taken root and turned my life into something I didn't know was possible.


Over a year ago I had come to a place of creative desperation, which turned into a moment of complete openness. I wanted to change my life, and I was willing to reveal my most embarrassing desires in order to put the wheels in motion. Like diving into ice cold water I raised my hand and shared my most embarrassing dreams:

While I blushed a deep, crimson red and shamed myself internally for having the audacity to say such a silly thing out loud, an amazing thing happened. Life sent me a dazzling surprise. The most logical, stoic, middle-of-the road, unassuming man in the class looked at me with complete reverence and said, "I think get it," and proceeded to eloquently voice my desire in way that captured everything I was wanting.

Through his thoughtful picture of me, I was able to see the actions these two people personified, and I gave myself permission to be these things in the world.

Indiana Jones
adventuring, learning, uncovering, thinking creatively

Rolling Thunder
contributing, teaching, connecting to spirit

Who is your alter ego? What secret persona would cause you the most embarrassment? I dare you to go to this hidden place and seek out the voice who is most ignored. If you uncover their true actions, you will not be disappointed. For in this small voice is a profound wanting that knows it has a place in this world, and it will continue tugging away at your heart until you bring it forth into the light of day.


  1. Beth, I am sitting here alternating between laughing and crying... I think the two you chose are so funny and so perfect for you at the same time. And I am crying {inside} because I think I really needed to hear this today. Here's hoping that I have the courage and the commitment to do this exercise and be open to the possibility.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Thank you for sharing this very personal moment. It's just what I needed to hear this morning as I've been soul searching all week and feel like I've done nothing but spin my wheels. My goal today will now be to sit quietly and ponder this and do much journaling.

    Have a terrific Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  3. yoda & mulan - there i said it! :0) now i have to think about their meaning for me... great exercise, thanks for sharing it... i read the post early this am and have been pondering it since...

  4. Oh Erin, I'm so glad you were touched and tickled by this post. I'm dying to hear what you come up with because I'm guessing you have tremendous courage.

    Babs, so glad this post hit the spot and will lead to some fun journaling.

    Mary Jane, I just LOVE your two personas and honestly it really does feel like the person I've been getting to know this last year. Well, Yoda is just down right golden and Mulan is one of my favorite Disney characters. I'm dying to hear more when you sort it out!

  5. Okay, I want to be Frodo Baggins. There, I said it. And Ripley from Alien. Whew, I feel better now. I never really thought about it until I read your post this morning and what a cathartic experience! I will have to ponder the ramifications of my declaration and shave my feet...

  6. Oh I love this-absolutely love it. I'm in a bit of a haze right now, but as soon as I can wrap my head around my aka-I'll be back! Thanks for this, truly.

  7. Had to mull this over some but have always been drawn to strong, conflicted, brave Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. Favorite line in the movie "I am no man!" as she vanquishes the Lord of the Nazgul. Have always wanted to vanquish a Dark Lord. And definitely Donkey from Shrek. How's that for a yin and yang?

  8. Oh my...my two persona's? This is giving me pause...and what a fun way to discover something about myself! Thank you! Remember MacGyver? I think he would be one for sure! My other AKA would have to be Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear...something about her just resonates! Thanks for being so open...it was wonderful!

  9. This is possibly turning into my favorite post. I just love all the personas that people are picking. So much that I've become deeply intrigued by your inner most desires.

    Sharon, you would make a heck of a Frodo and I'd want you on my spaceship fighting aliens. Ripley is possibly the coolest woman character ever!

    Catherine the mixture of Eowyn and Donkey have me tickled pink! Will you slay a Dark Lord for me with humor?

    Stacie, I love MacGyver's inventiveness and Ayla is one of the fictional characters that I still wish I could meet in real life. Now I have and must be why I love visiting your place in the world!

  10. I know I'm a little late with my reaction to this post, but it seemed fun and I felt like seeing what I'd end up saying... For my first, I'm going with what my inner-child always used to daydream about... I used to want to be "Punky Brewster." hehehee...
    and for my second, I'm thinking hmmm...?
    Bjork! Don't know why- but that's the only person I could think of, and I've had many dreams of her so I'm going with those two.
    I'll have to think about what this all means to me now... Thanks Beth... I feel lighter ;)

  11. Oh Lauren, what fun! Punky Brewster and Bjork. I love the mixture of sass and soulfulness. Glad this was something that tapped into a part of your wholeness :)


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