Yummy Cookies

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies photo
Fall and Winter are probably the only times when I feel the calling to make cookies. My favorite are oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. I love the soft, gooey texture of this oatmeal cookie and its hint of cinnamon spice. Plus sometimes I can convince myself it's a breakfast cookie :)

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies photo
I recently whipped up a batch for fun and thought you'd love a taste!

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies photo
Can you smell their chocolately goodness?
What are you baking this season?


  1. OMG !!! They look delicious !
    I will be making sweet tamales and "Ponche."
    Ponche is a hot drink we make by cooking different seasonal fruits and it is something I really enjoy.

  2. Yummy!! I just wanted to let you know that I have been watching your creations and I absolutely love them! So simple and elegant, a perfect balance.


  3. Oh, they smell heavenly!! Can I invite myself over to have a couple?? lol!

  4. You're a grownup - you can eat chocolate cake for breakfast if you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes, I CAN smell them here on the East Coast! They look luscious.

  6. hmm never added mini choc chips! sounds good... I love baking bread...

  7. Lore, yum tamales and Poncho...this is a new drink I've never heard of! Thanks for the share :)

    Marie thanks for dropping by and connecting with my work. Lets me know I'm still in alignment!

    Stregata, you're always welcome in my home for cookies!!

    Sue, you're my new breakfast coach...for a while I'd dig into a piece of cheesecake for breakfast because it just seems so darn perfect.

    Catherine, glad you caught a whiff!

    Chrissy, you'll love the added chips and sometimes I add walnuts for that nutty flavor. Hope you are having fun making some delicious bread!


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