Arizona Greyhound Rescue Fundraiser

silver greyhound dog charm necklace hint jewelryLove Dog, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
apatite, fine and sterling silver

Every so often a person from a non-profit organization connects with a particular charm from Hint Jewelry and asks me to donate a design for an auction. Sometimes all the planets line up, and I get the opportunity to send one of Hint Jewelry's necklaces off to a better place.

This weekend is the Fall Festival Fundraiser for Arizona Greyhound Rescue, and this Love Dog necklace will be one of the pieces featured in the auction.

silver greyhound dog charm necklaceLove Dog, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
apatite, fine and sterling silver

I've always admired the generous hearts of people who shelter a rescued greyhound. They are one of the most amazing dogs to watch, so full of energy and spirit, yet seemingly fragile at the same time. I have neighbor who walks Jasmine, a beautiful rescued greyhound, by my house nearly every day and once in awhile I get to see her break free and run down the street with complete abandon :)

Thank you to Arizona Greyhound Rescue for the opportunity to share my love for this beautiful creature through a necklace!


  1. My friend and her hubby use to have two greyhounds! they were awesome they would run w/them on their morning runs... Dave and Stephanie resembled their dogs- lean and free spirited...

  2. that is so wonderful and so fitting a donation... and what an accurate description of these special canine friends...

  3. We have friends in Virginia who rescued two greyhounds. You'd drive by their house and the greyhounds would race along the fence line. What grace and joy! Congratulations on being asked to a piece of your art in the auction!

  4. Chrissy and Catherine, how cool that you have greyhound loving friends!

    Mary Jane, thanks for enjoying the sentiment behind this piece :)


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