sun star moon australia necklace paul allen
When my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came back from their Australia trip these are the two wonderful gifts they gave me. Doesn't this tiny ingot of fine silver with a little splash of gold symbolize Australia perfectly? It's made by artist Paul Allen in Kalbarri, Australia.

Also pictured is a silk scarf with a painting of the Dreaming by Aboriginal artist Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa. Her main stories come from her father -- Fire Dreaming, Water Dreaming and Lightening Dreaming.

The Australian Aboriginal paintings are one of the most mystical forms of art to me and now I have one to wrap around my neck! Thank you blessed travelers :)


  1. What thoughtful gifts! That scarf is a perfect accent for your lovely long neck. It will be stunning. And the pendant speaks for itself ... beautiful!

  2. A friend of mine moved to Australia two months ago. Have been reveling in her blog posts, especially when she talks about the art of the Aborigines. The whole idea of Dreamtime is fascinating. Wear your treasures with joy!

  3. Oh thank you for enjoying these treasures! Catherine, what fun your friend moved to Australia and you are hearing about her adventures. I'd love to learn more about Dreamtime too :)

  4. My husband and I are going to Australia to sail the great barrier reef next October- thanks for giving me a glimpse of the artistic side or the country.


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