Behind the Scenes: Packaging Charm Stories

moo minicards book hint jewelry
Many friends who delight Hint Jewelry tell me that the words and stories behind the charms draws them in deeper. So over the last year, I have been looking for a unique way to package my charm stories, so when a send a necklace off into the universe it feels more complete.

moo minicards packaging jewelry
My latest solution has been to invest in MiniCards from Moo.com and create a miniature book of charm stories. Usually a necklace has between one and three charms so my mini moo book only needs two to four pages.

Materials and Tools for Packaging
Colored Thread
Organza Bag
Hole Punch
Moo MiniCards
Avery Clear Mailing Labels 1" x 2 5/8"

I bought the colored thread at my local fabric store, and I believe it is the kind used for tatting. It is a little thicker then sewing thread and thinner then embroidery floss. I found the blue organza bags online at Uline.com, and they're great for making your jewelry feel more like a gift. MiniCards can be designed and purchased online at Moo.com, and I print my charm stories out on Avery clear mailing labels that you can pick up at most office supply stores such as Staples or Office Depot. In Microsoft Word, this label template is Avery 8160.

moo minicards book story
I have three different Moo Minicards printed for this project:

Mini Book Cover
Card with a picture and Hint name on the front with business contact information on the back.

Interior Book Pages
Card with blank front and a picture of a charm on the back. An Avery label with a charm story is affixed to the front of the card.

Mini Book Back Cover
Card with a blank front and a picture of the back of a necklace. An Avery label can also be applied to the front of the card.

I stack all three cards together, punch a hole on the left side and use thread to tie them into a mini Moo book.

moo minicard price tags jewelry
The other packaging solution I used Moo's MiniCards for was to create price tags for jewelry when I did my show at Face Body and Soul. In Adobe Photoshop, I replicated the Hint Jewelry logo sideways four times on a MiniCard template and then left the back blank. Each MiniCard provides four price tags. I cut them apart and used a needle to string some thread through so as to secure the tag to the jewelry. On the back of the tag, I applied a small label that I used my computer to print the price, name of the necklace, and gemstones. I loved not having to write the prices by hand because it came out looking more professional. I found these laser/inkjet labels at Staples where you can download a template for Microsoft Word.

If you love Moo's business cards solutions, you may want to visit Flickr's group of Moo MiniCard enthusiasts.

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  1. this is a beautiful accompaniment to the jewelry... the little booklet will nestle nicely into a jewelry box, where it can live and be glanced at occasionally to remind the wearer again of what they connected to...

  2. I really should get some Moos... those are brilliant! I recently found a local artist, who also sells on Etsy coincidentally, to make cards using her eco-friendly inks. She was great to work with...she took my current logo and updated it and made it simpler, more refined looking. She printed up small square-ish tags that are 1/2 the size of a regular business card with space open on the back to handwrite the name of the piece, stones, price, etc. I also got 1/4 size bus. cards like your small Hint price tags for smaller items that don't need as much, and larger business cards complete with little brown envelopes for tucking in a handwritten note. I use copper boxes with chocolate satin ribbon imprinted with my key and company name, and I have clear labels coming with my logo in copper metallic that I can afix to boxes and packages of all sorts! I love all aspects of packaging! I think it really presents a cohesive look and brands your company.
    Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas, Beth!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Sending along a booklet with your charms is a great idea!

    I struggle with making price tags for my jewelry. Since I like to include the name of the piece, price, and list of components, I don't want to write them all out. I use business card paper (two tags to a card-long way). But if I don't have enough jewelry made to fill an entire sheet, I waste the part of the sheet because it won't go back through the printer. The same goes if I use clear labels--if I don't have enough to use the entire sheet, the next time I try to use the sheet it gets all gummed up in my printer.

    Thanks for some great ideas and resources!

  4. Nice details, Beth! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting post! I do something similar for each necklace, a miniature business card on one side and jewelry description with the "story" of the stones on the reverse. A second card has the name of the piece. Tie them onto the necklace with a piece of very narrow ribbon. Use a store bought jewelry tag for the price and inventory number which can be removed very easily once the piece is sold. People LOVE the information tags! Print out the tags myself but think Moo might be a great alternative. Thanks, Beth!

  6. Great ideas for your moo cards, perfect for your charm stories! I have moo cards, but have never used them this way. They're so cute on their own that I'm afraid to even punch a hole in them. I know, I'm silly, it's just a card.

  7. Beth, thanks for your post. I thought the presentation of your charm was well thought out and charming (no pun intended!). But this sounds wonderful! As always, you are a source of inspiration!

  8. I love your packaging as well as Virginia's... both show the care and time u put into your product... As well as the way u display your charms on cross stitch it gives added dimension...

  9. Terrific design and execution. I think many people underestimate what a finely designed package does for the overall effect of a piece. I love your moo cards!

  10. Your moo cards turned out so beautifully!!! What a great idea to make them into a little book - such a wonderfully personal touch - having the story behind the charm - just way cool!! And to make them into the price tags is such a wonderful idea - one that I may steal - I have always wanted nice sturdy glossy price tags at a reasonable price and I have never been able to find a solution that works for me. THANK YOU for sharing!!!
    Beautiful packaging!!

  11. Great idea Beth!
    It's about the detail packaging & presentation...
    ps: adore the greyhound design!

  12. Lovely idea ! I am a big fan of Moo cards and just blogged about how I use them today too - a more simple use. But I am inspired to try something else with them now !
    Best wishes,

  13. Such a great idea -- thanks for sharing this!

  14. So glad everyone enjoyed this idea and see how you might use Moo cards in your business :)

    I also love hearing about all the other ideas for price tags and branding your jewelry. This is something that I still want to develop further and your ideas are so helpful!


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