Behind the Scenes: Tech Support for Your Online Customers

Example of Etsy Shopping Cart:
change quantities using drop-down menu and save by clicking update

Etsy Shopping Cart
How to Change Quantity

1. After clicking the green Add to Cart button in item view, you will be taken directly to your Etsy shopping cart (see picture above).

2. If more then one item is available, a Quantity drop-down menu will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

3. If you would like to purchase multiples of one item (e.g., 3 jump rings), click on the double arrow next to quantity 1 and select the correct amount.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: You must save your new quantity, so be sure to click the Update button located under the number. If you do not click Update, the quantity will revert back to 1.

5. If you are building a Hint Jewelry personalized charm necklace, the quickest way to continue shopping is to click on the small down arrow next the Back button on your browser screen. This will pull up a drop-down menu that will allow you to move back 3 pages in one click by selecting your exact previous location such as "view build a charm necklace."

Make Tech Support Part of Your Customer Service

Many times Hint Jewelry is the first storefront new Etsy shoppers see when they enter this particular online market. It's important for me to stay on top of technology and what problems people are encountering while shopping at Hint Jewelry because I may affect the total outcome of their Etsy experience and influence their choice in using this application again.

Over the last year, every once and a while someone would say "I'm sure I added the correct quantity to my cart, but when I checked out it reverted it back to one." It was happening so infrequently that I chalked it up to a computer glitch and didn't think much of it.

This month I modified the design of my store slightly, so that people can build their own personalized charm necklaces using a variety of components. More people are having to use the quantity tool in the Etsy shopping cart to modify their amounts, and this has caused an increase in tech problems for my shop. I started to realize that perhaps the application wasn't providing clarity for my customers during checkout.

Yesterday I tried shopping at Hint, and realized that as a completely new user to the Etsy application it would be so easy to miss the Update button located under the quantity drop-down menu that saves the new amount. I missed it on my first time through and then when I saw the quantity revert back to one, I realized I had skipped some kind of save button and had to change it back. How frustrating!

This experience reminded me how important it is to listen to what your customers are saying and see the store from their perspective -- walk through it in their shoes. Building a personalized charm necklace through Hint Jewelry is definitely a bit of a technological obstacle course, and I realized yesterday that that people who are willing to adapt to this system are all the more special for taking the opportunity to learn and play with something new.


  1. Wow you always do these amazing How To Run A Business type posts. I love your behind the scenes series, personally.

    I forgot to mention on a previous post of yours, that I got hold of some Mini Moo Cards. I just did the basic details with a pretty pic thing, not the booklet thing that you do, which I love

    I'll have to take pics of my Minimoos and put them on the Flickr group or something...

  2. Amadora, so glad this speaks to you and you have some mini moos. I have a slight addiction to them. Enjoy posting them on Flickr and sending them out into the world.


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