Changing Colors

colored ribbon photo
The other day I rearranged the ribbon sitting on my desk
and had an amazing spark of insight.

multicolored ribbon photo
After I changed the colors, I felt alive and refreshed :)

Here's what I'm thinking...

Creativity can be as simple as changing from pink to green.
Creativity is action that can rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.
Creativity is turning off the editor and turning on an unguarded moment.

What are you thinking?


  1. Creativity is 'stepping out of the box'

  2. Brilliant! Well, since my byline is "Inspiration is Everywhere" I will wholeheartedly agree with your observation! There is such a wealth of inspiration all around you every day... I was given a little bullet shaped prism by a friend once. When you look through it the colors of whatever you are pointing it at will be refracted from the facets. I used to have it on my desk to remind me to stop and take another look, to see things differently. I have to find where I put that and have it out on my work space to remind me that inspiration is indeed everywhere! Thanks for that reminder and nudge. You are so inspirational to me! Enjoy the day! Erin
    P.S. My word verification just now was KARMA...I kid you not! How cool is that?

  3. Yes! It comes when you least expect it. This morning I had a moment when I first got up to get the kids up. I had to quick write it down before it went away! It's going to be my mom's birthday present!

  4. Reiki has a lot to do with color. The belief is that different colors bring about different emotions in us and can be used for healing or opening up different parts of us. It's the reason why some days you choose a yellow shirt instead of a red one to wear.

  5. Chrissy, you are too cute! Haha, sometimes I definitely feel that I'm in the box though :)

    Erin, how simpatico! Your byline is amazing and what a wonderful connection through this post. I am so digging that you got the word KARMA...I've been thinking on that for a couple days now!

    Sue, maybe we can come up with a post it note and pen glove that you can have on your hand at every moment! I struggle with the same thing, writing it down and then being able to find what I wrote!!

    Barbara, you make me blush...

    Niki, how cool that you brought Reiki into this post. Love that synergy :)


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