Editing your Creativity

silver horse pendant necklaceThough it might not seem like I've been silent over the last month because my blog is still humming along. I've been steadily moving away from social networking. In October, I noticed that all my ideas were becoming jumbled in my head. Projects I've been meaning to do weren't getting done, and I was over caffeinated on socializing.

Taking a step back from Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Flickr over the last two weeks showed me how I use my energy. One of the hardest things about starting an art project or jewelry design is narrowing down the ideas -- editing. I don't know if you have this problem, but I get super excited about so many things that it's hard for me to filter and contain my creative impulse into one cohesive message. I see something neat, and I want to add it into the mix. Can being over inspired actually lead to be uninspiring?

Looking at my friend Catherine's work from Shadow Dog Designs, I definitely feel like she understands how to find the balance between inspiration and making something beautiful. In this necklace called Wild Horse Canyon, she made the perfect marriage of brown opal rondelles from Magpie Gemstones and Hint Jewelry's Wind Horse pendant. She lets the beauty of the brown opal gemstones speak for themselves, telling the story of delicately sculptured sandstone walls found in Utah's Little Wild Horse Canyon. I imagine that Wind Horse would love to roam free it this slot canyon!

silver wind horse personalized charm necklaceKata's Story, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
citrine, turquoise, and silver Wind Horse charm

Keeping it simple can be hard for me, but I have a lot of people helping me return again and again to this way of being. Sometimes it's a client who is inspired by my work and creates a personalized charm necklace like Kata's Story, sometimes it's people like Catherine from Shadow Dog Designs who help me see the essentials, and then of course I usually get a reality check from my husband when I start spinning off too many ideas that don't seem connect :)

Our culture admires things that make a big statement and are completely unique; however, pushing seems to have the affect where people begin looking for more balance and wholeness. Letting simplicity be the focus can feel like a let down, but I'm wanting to embrace it as my true way.

Thanks to the many friends and family who have supported my simplicity and help affirm this essential truth!


  1. I love both versions!...The colors she picks are very earthy...Yours is simple and classic.... can't beat that...

  2. Do I ever understand! I tend to be very sensitive to the energy (and everything else) of others and often find myself overwhelmed and out of touch with my inner voice and workings. The good thing though, is I find a great deal of comfort and inspiration from my many return trips "home". Looking forward to seeing what your return to simplicity brings.

  3. Finally someone who understands the burden of being OVERinspired. Ha ha! Totally hear what you're saying--filtering is a great way to describe it. I've thought of it as a focus issue too--I feel like a dog with 20 tennis balls! They're all so fascinating, which one to choose? This one!! No that one!! No wait--THAT one!! THIS one AND THAT one! I just want to do them all so badly, it's hard to let the other 19 sit while I bring number 20 to life. I try to write them down so they don't get away, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to do them all at once! Wish there were more hours in a day. Yes, the social networking is a time sucker! If your business is mature and can fly without it, for sure put your time where you really want it!

  4. I too agree that it is easy to get too wrapped up on the computer. I try as well to limit myself and just get into the studio!

  5. Chrissy thanks for admiring the simplicity in both pieces!

    Lunedreams, I love this phrase, "if your business is mature and can fly without it, for sure put your time where you really want it!" I love that :) Now when to decide if my business has matured!

    Heather, cheers to stepping away from the computer!

    T.Allen, you always put how I'm feeling into words with so much sensitivity. That's exactly what its like, disconnecting from my inner voice. Like I'm in a blizzard of cyber chatter!

  6. Thanks, Beth, for including my Wild Horse Canyon in your blog. I'm truly honored!!! Carlie Mingus, a great jazz bassist, once said, "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity." Love that quote and try to live by it; doesn't always happen, but I try (:(:(: As always, your blog is very thought provoking, something to mull over . . .Thanks!

  7. I'm glad I am not the only one, I have no visual filter I have so many ideas spinning in my head and nothing gets done. I have ideas written down on post its, scraps of paper, napkins, sketch books, etc.
    Thats why I like the torch so much I can focus on one bead at a time.

  8. Boy can I ever relate to this Beth! Perhaps I too need to take a step back. Thanks for the insight, and as always, your designs are incredible :)

  9. Gardanne and Barbe, it's the "I love everything" club :) So glad you can relate to this feeling and it brings great relief to her others struggle with this idea of focus.

    Catherine, you are so welcome! Of all your pieces this one lives on in me. Well at least I can go visit it on my blog or Flickr when I miss it :) Thanks so much for the Mingus quote. Great musicians seem to understand creativity the best!


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