The Humble Pumpkin Seed

fall pumpkin seed photo
Seeds are the inspiration for most of my sculptures. Look through any my old sketchbooks and you'll find that seeds are an obsession. Their geometry informs every shape that passes through my hands so no doubt you can see its influence on Hint Jewelry charms.

The simplicity of their coverings hides one of the most magnificent mysteries inside -- life.

fall pumpkin seeds photo
Life in multiplicity...

fall toasted pumpkin seeds photo
and simple goodness to nourish you.

fall scary pumpkin photo
Many thanks to the scary pumpkin for his gift of scrumptious
seeds that keep my Halloween memories alive a little bit longer!


  1. I love seeds and beans too! Nature's perfect snack

  2. really neat entry!!!
    jean yates

  3. Sandra, I could go on and on about beans. They are so beautiful and like you said, nature's off the shelf snack!

    jean, thanks so much for stopping in and enjoying this post. I love it when somebody "gets it" :)


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