Squirrel Nature: Fresh, Alive & Fun

silver squirrel charm jewelrySquirrel Play, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver squirrel charm

Fun and frivolity are part of your squirrel nature. When you let wonder unfold, a smile lightens your face and you delight in unexpected surprises. Embrace the playfulness of a squirrel, and make every moment fresh and fully alive.


  1. Love your term "squirrel nature" - makes me smile! The charm is perfect for this time of the year in South Carolina. The squirrels are out in droves busily stashing acorns away for the winter. I smile at their antics while the dogs go crazy with the desire to chase them. A beautiful charm, Beth!

  2. We have a lot of those critters around here too! They're constantly running across the street and I have to slow down for them. Have you ever seen a completely white aquirrel? I was completely surprised to see one here http://thoughtfullyblendedhearts.blogspot.com/
    Have a great turkey day!


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