What Carries You?

painting saraswati swan hindu goddess
I've been researching a new design for swan charm and came across this wonderful story where the dark, blue Hindu diety Vishnu has a lotus flower emerging from a lake in his navel. When the lotus blooms, the goddess Saraswati and Brahma (Hindu god of creation) are revealed. In order to understand his origins, Brahma tries to follow the stem of the lotus to its source but becomes frustrated when he doesn't find an answer. His consort Saraswati tells Brahma that she has been given a Mantra that if chanted during meditation will reveal the ultimate truth.

This story caught me off guard in its fragile yet powerful beauty. Just the idea of having a god and goddess floating on a lake in my navel delights me to no end!

However, what first brought me to Saraswati was the symbol of a swan -- the creature that represents her divine attribute of absolute truth. Sometimes Saraswati is seen riding this swan as a vahana or divine vehicle and this concept led me to an usual personal connection...

gold saturn car
what does my vehicle say about me?

I hope you're laughing along with me, but also realizing that the physical vehicle that carries you through life be it your body, bike, or car can be a beautiful outward symbol for what makes you most sacred in this world.

Here are some of the things that strike me about my divine Saturn mount...she's pretty well worn but has some life experience, she loves anything gold, and she likes keeping things simple and honest. She's been my trusty steed for close to fifteen years and I can always count on her to carry me where I need to go :)

What's your sacred vehicle on the road of life?


  1. I did laugh! My trusty vehicle is a 20 year old faded red, hail dinged Land Cruiser, fondly called the DogMobile. Most days I drive with a happy dog head out each of three windows. People smile and laugh and point as the DogMobile tools down the road. Am glad to bring a little joy both to my hounds and to other people!

  2. A very intersting post! My car....let's see, she's a black Dodge Intrepid, just one year old when I got her. She's a bit sporty and likes to take chances--the opposite of me, which is why I like her so much. She has treated me well, and even came back to me after she was stollen a few years ago--about the same time I went through a very rough patch in my life. We stick together, my car and I. She makes me laugh and feel free, and I give her food, shelter and love.

    Thanks for making me think on a whole new level this morning! Now I think I need to go pamper my trusty car!

  3. HA! I drive a well worn mini-van that allows me to cart all sorts of baggage through this life! It is spacious and has a touch of elegance with it's leather interior, but the clutter that it carries seems to multiply to the size of the space it occupies (and breeds in the dark of my garage no less!). The candy apple red color says that I can be a bit flashy but the size of it is like trying to ignore the elephant in the corner. Notice me but don't.
    That was funny, Beth! I wish that I had more of a swan. And the lake in my navel is the silliest concept ever! I mean, I know there is a lot of room there but a whole lake's worth?!
    Thanks for sharing. You made me smile.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Oh these are precious moments! Catherine, I love the image of your dog mobile and how you are providing laughter whenever you drive.

    Alice you black beauty sounds like the kind of vehicle I'd love to find in my life. Sticking together is so poetic...even after she was lost then found. Amazing!

    Erin, you make me giggle every time you visit. She sounds vaguely like the beautiful jewelry you create!!! Treasures :)

  5. i drive a well worn suburban... it knows its way to the children's hospital in philly like my co-pilot... many a night or dreary day we have made the trip... on a happier note, it has carried us to parks and beaches... never minding the dirt and sand... it can handle the thanksgiving food collection at our elementary school... this car has been with me through many phases... and the kids won't take down the elmo baby toy that still hangs in it... i am not the only one who gets sentimental about the almost 11 years in this car!

  6. Well, I drive a Toyota Rav 4 that was purchased in 2000, the same year I had my hip replacement. It is called the "ratmobile" by my family because of its disorder. But it changes contents constantly and is my traveling rug/fiber studio complete with carseat for our granddaughter. I rather think it is a window into my belief in the immortality of my spirit if not my body. When I head toward the light, ;) I'm pretty sure I'll be trying to smuggle in some wool, linen, a hook and at least a lifetime's supply of sharpies.... Jo


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