Bunny Flight: Harmony with Nature

silver bunny rabbit charm jewelryBunny Flight, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver bunny charm

A small band of rabbits in Watership Down embark upon a heroic journey of self-discovery. Their quest begins with the simple desire to find a better home, but eventually echos our own deep yearning to live free and in harmony with nature.

Wear Bunny Flight and find your true home in nature.


  1. Absolutely beautiful (as with all your work Beth)


  2. one of my all time favorite books! how wonderful to link your charm to the story in my mind now!

  3. ohh, dear, this is / as all are/ amazing!
    brava, for making my days better with your art!

  4. Think you have definitely caught the feeling of the Watership Down quest in your charm. Beautiful!


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