Collaboration as Inspiration

Diane's Story, Design collaboration between Diane King and jewelry designer
Jennifer Casady;
necklace designed by Jennifer Casady and charms fabricated by
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
: sterling silver chain, fine silver charms, apatite, garnet,
amethyst, chrome diopside, pink tourmaline, kyanite, and peridot

What fascinates me most about Hint Jewelry is the idea of multiplicity. Right now Hint Jewelry has over 50 charm designs, so if you're a math wiz, you'll realize stringing them on a chain allows for endless combinations. Recently, I came to understand that the only way I could see all these design possibilities is to loosen the slack on being a jewelry designer and bump up my game on being a charm supplier.

Since I started Hint Jewelry, choosing between being a charm supplier versus jewelry designer has been a nagging question that I have been reluctant to answer. I wasn't ready to let go of control and give in to something more powerful and spontaneous.

The two necklaces featured in this blog mark a distinctive emotional shift from doing to inspiring, and this has made all the difference in the success of my business over the last three months.

Have you ever held on to an idea so tight that you suffocated the creative process? This happened when my friend Diane presented me with a lovely design for her story necklace. I wasn't listening. I wasn't seeing the design in my head. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't let go of my own ideas and trust the process. In my own awkward way, I was asking for help. Luckily, Diane shared her vision and Hint Jewelry charms with jewelry designer Jennifer Casady, who was able to pull together color, shape and texture into these two magnificent story necklaces.

Alison's Story, Design collaboration between Diane King and jewelry designer
Jennifer Casady;
necklace designed by Jennifer Casady and charms fabricated by
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
:sterling silver chain, fine silver charms,
amethyst and
chrome diopside

When Diane emailed the pictures of the final necklaces, a part of my heart lit up with delight. I LOVE THEM! There is absolutely no way my necklace design would have compared with the final results produced by Jennifer Casady.

It affirmed everything that I already know but just needed it played out in the universe. Hint Jewelry charms offer people an opportunity to come together for inspiration and collaboration. Two is fun but three is always leads to something more powerful. Having this experience of letting go and watching Diane and Jennifer Casady take over the design process, allowed me to see that being a charm supplier is my greatest gift. Giving people charms that spark inspiration, make human connections, and lead to something creative is being accord with my highest self.

Nothing could have warmed my heart more, then when Diane wrote me about her necklace and said,"I wore it for the first time today and felt so empowered." My deepest gratitude to Diane and Jennifer for their creative energies that helped me see something extraordinary in the world.


  1. Oh yes, this happens to me also when I can't let go. But I am always fascinated with what others do with my 'parts.' It nourishes me and inspires me to see other peoples creative process. I am always deeply grateful for that experience.

  2. Gorgeous!... I like the ball chain.. The necklace gives off a happy feeling...

  3. Those are beautiful necklaces! And your charms, by themselves are works of art...love them!

  4. Thanks for sharing these with everyone Beth.
    At first I was unsure of where my creative journey with your beautiful charms and my love of gemstones would take me.
    I am thrilled with the results & grateful for the experience.
    My deepest gratitude to you & Jennifer for helping me to express my story & rediscover parts of myself I'd lost touch with.
    Happy Holidays!
    Diane :)

  5. Leann, I love how you summed it up so simply with the word "nourishing".

    Chrissy, I've been on the fence about ball chain because it is so expensive, but I'm thinking of offering next year. Thanks for letting me know you loved Diane and Jennifer's design. It really does feel happy...like a garden!

    Millie thanks so much for stopping and enjoying these beautiful pieces. It means so much to me to hear you say that by themselves the charms are little works of art. Thank you!

    Diane, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and found yourself through this creative journey!


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