Pinecone: Eternal Life

Eternal Life, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver pine cone charm

Your soul is eternal, spilling out from All That Is and yearning to create without end. Following a spiralling path of birth, death, and renewal, your soul seeks new learning and leads you there. You are meant to be on the edge of uncertainty, finding renewal in the darkest of places. Wear a pine cone, the ancient symbol for eternal life, and celebrate the unfolding of your soul.


  1. beth, this is beautiful... i have always been so intrigued by conifers... and as i venture into the medium of resin am thinking of ways to incorporate seeds...
    p.s. that gem book is on my holiday list! i love what you have shared!

  2. Very unique rendering of the mysterious pinecone. I find them mysterious because there are so many layers and secrets hidden in the woody scales. Just lovely.

  3. Mary Jane, how cool that you are working with resin and seeds. That will be fun to see how it transforms your work. So cool you are looking forward to the gem book. Mine is on the way from Amazon right now!

    Lovely to see you Sharon :) So glad you like the look of this pine cone. I so get what you mean about enjoying the mystery of the layers.

  4. Yes beautiful image, beautiful words. I have a Ponderosa pine towering over our bedroom. I named her Glory and she is always dropping her big beautiful cones on the roof, a sound that is startlingly exhultant!


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