How do you create true spaciousness between human beings?

Lately I've come to understand a physical trigger that says, "hold on, sister, you're losing touch with something very important here." My body starts to feel like it's in a tug of war and usually, I'm too caught up in the moment to understand what's happening.

I'm resisting. I'm stopping that internal flow.

When a person's need doesn't mesh with my own, my first impulse is to submit or resist to what I perceive as a demand. What I am wishing for is that timeless moment when I can just stop and hear the voice from within that has a need, be with it and let all the other stuff fall away. I find it hard to create this spaciousness because I have to intentionally seek it.

My dream is to be like this flower, caught blowing in the wind by the click of a camera, where one moment feels forever free.


  1. boy, can i relate to this - i think that is when you have to stop and rely upon breath to center you... our gut really does know how to lead, we just stop following... when i see my kids getting out of whack, i try to have them visualize what they are doing by telling them they are like fish swimming up stream... unless you are a salmon, it's not really the natural way... i don't think you should be too hard on yourself for having to try to see the spaciousness... our culture is very fast paced and demanding... what is important is that you know you need it - and find a practice to help you get there... even the dalai lama does his daily meditation practice... such a key word 'practice' and it unites us all in our journey to seeking (and hopefully attaining) peace...

  2. I totally understand where you're coming from, and I love the image of the flower flowing in the breeze as the way you'd like to be...I need to keep that in mind when things get a little wacky for me. I know I have learned the power of stopping and taking some deep breaths over the past couple of months...

  3. This seems to be part of my life's journey as well, finding the balance between the demands of my external self and the inner freedom I know exists in the ongoing moment!

  4. Mary Jane, I love how you bring everything back to the breath. It is something that is my learning for this lifetime!

    Katie, thanks so much for reaffirming the breath and understanding the feelings behind this post :)

    Virginia, I love the way you described my paragraph in one beautiful sentence! This phrase the ongoing moment is fresh for me and I am now incorporating it into my vocabulary. Thank you :)


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