Barbara Lewis: Painting with Fire

copper heart charm torch fired enamel jewelry pendantHeart Family, Barbara Lewis (Painting with Fire): torch-fired enameled heart charm
copper, sterling, and enamel

Have you paid a visit to Barbara Lewis' bead shop Painting with Fire? Well, you must run over to her studio on Etsy and savor these beautiful torch-fired enameled hearts just waiting to be loved! Barbara has got the jump on Valentines Day and her blog post about staying ahead of the game reminded me that one of Painting with Fire's enamel beads has been on my wish list for a too long. Her Moroccan Lantern beads are to die for, but I've been ogling her Persian Palace. What romantic names...I don't want to spoil your surprise with a photo of these lovelies because you'll want to discover their wonder all by yourself!

Also, check out the shop Barbara Lewis: Jewelry of Distinction for her rustic and romantic pieces that incorporate some of her torch-fired enameled beads. Now I'm off to bring that beautiful Persian Palace bead into my life...


  1. i just love barbara's work and using them in my creations! her style is so unique and you are right about the names - very exotic!! i have a little horde of them, but not a heart! they turned out beautifully...

  2. Thank you for pointing out Barbara Lewis two shops...the Moroccan lanterns are gorgeous and the hearts are so interestingly unique...I'm always looking for unusual hearts.

    I see you purchased the Persian Palace...or someone did...a stunning bead!!!


  3. Thanks for the heads up. Did you snag her Persian Palace? She does beautioful work!

  4. I am SO lucky and SO excited to be taking a class with her soon! Her work is awesome!


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