Behind the Scenes: Vision Board 2010

I've been doing vision boards for the past ten years, so of course it seemed natural to incorporate this exercise into my business strategy. The first time I created a vision board, I hung it in my bathroom so I could see it every day when I woke up. It took about three years, but 85% of what I pasted onto my 2000 vision board came into my life.

I remember feeling like a little kid that struck it rich when I realized things were magically happening that were on my vision board. Now on my sixth or seventh vision board, I realize from a more pragmatic point of view, that it makes complete sense to keep a picture of what you wanting in your mind's eye. Like a basketball player imagining a ball going into the basket before it happens, it's as simple as keeping your intent in focus.

If your mind wanders and connection with what you are really wanting becomes cluttered, then your vision becomes scattered. There is nothing wrong with approaching life like a wandering traveler, but if your heart is yearning to complete something specific then I've found it's better be more like an arrow -- super clear and straight. Like making a list of tasks to accomplish a goal, a vision board keeps your head on the path to where you want your life to be directed.

For 2010, I created a new vision from an old vision board. My 2008-2009 vision board had about twice as many pictures and was all over the place. This was the first time I took a vision that already existed and streamlined it. Wow was it refreshing!

I clarified my life to three things, and now I feel like a gal who has just unhitched her horse from the wagon and took off blazing across the plains.

If you haven't hopped on the vision board train, this might be the year to test it out on your life and your business. I use to cut and paste pictures from magazines, but now I use the Goggle image search and copy photos into a Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop document. Lately I've started hanging my vision board right by my bed, so I see it before I go to sleep and right when I wake up. I think of it as a kind of dream floating down into my head at night. When I had an office job, I use to shrink my vision board down to pocket size and carry it in my wallet. This version was always a great little pick me up when things got rough at work.

If you're faithful to your vision board, soon you'll be experiencing a kind of no nonsense attitude. You will begin to have this kind of insatiable drive to complete the vision. For instance, I've had pictures of meditation and yoga on my board for two years, and in the last six months I've become almost relentless about making this part of my life happen. Little obstacles that use get in the way will start to bother you, and you might find yourself saying stuff like, "that's not cutting it for me anymore."

My vision board is my greatest taskmaster because it reminds me why I choose to be here and what I really want to be doing. When you know what you are really wanting from the inside, then the outside knows how to respond to you better. Your vision board is like turning the knob on a radio to clear the static so you can hear your own song more clearly!

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P.S. Just had a grand idea! If anyone wants to email me a picture of their vision board, I'll include in a post. Sort of like a gallery of vision and spirit 2010 :)


  1. What an interesting concept...sounds like something I might like to try...are these photos of something you want/need, some place you see yourself or hope to be/do...ideas/things to work towards???

  2. Sounds like a great idea - I will have to make one for myself.
    Beth, BTW, your use of MOO's Minicards is featured on the current Moo'sletter! Congrats!!

  3. Had a vision board until we moved. After reading your post, I now realize how much it is missed. Nine months is too long without one ): Now to find a place close to my workspace to put it! Thanks, Beth - as always, great posts!

  4. Azure Islands, it can be anything you want it to be. Almost like making three wishes with the genie in the bottle as to what you hope to do, be or experience in the future. A dream list!

    Stregata, so glad you connected with this idea and thanks for the heads up on the Moo newsletter. What fun!

    Catherine, what fun to think about what your vision board will include. If you're open to it I'd love to see it :)

  5. Last note, if anyone gets creative and wants to share a picture of their vision board, email me a photo and I'll post in on my blog in a gallery :)

  6. great idea! i am a very visual person, so i think i will try this too.
    did you see the little necklace i made for myself with your charm? tell me what you think. i love my little charm, thanks for making it for me.


  7. What a great idea!!!!!!! Often we lose sight of our goals because they are not in front of us all the time. I wonder if hubby would mind pics of my goals taped to the mirror....

  8. You are a wise, wise woman with a lot of savvy. Loved this post.


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