Heart in Hand: Kindness & Charity

silver heart in hand charm jewelry helping handsKindness, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver heart in hand charm

When sacred intent becomes action in the world, your heart and hands are unified through one divine force – kindness. Put your helping hands to work and let your love, goodwill, and charity shine forth on others.


  1. i love the intention behind this one! this is so very beautiful... and if only we could wear this as a badge... like the ones you earn in scouts... as people saw others wearing it proudly, they'd want to get in on the goodwill action too! kind of like one candle lighting the next... hmmm, maybe there are some charity organizations that would like to have this to sell? while you do touch so many with your work as it appeals to them individually, i think this one has the potential to be huge and connects people... just mho of course!

  2. Love the emotion behind this one, Beth. Through your beautiful work, you show that you are such a caring, thoughtful person. Namaste.

  3. Beautiful words,for a beautiful piece!


  4. Mary Jane, love the girl scout badge idea!! Maybe some year I'll make a pin :) Thanks for your boundless creativity.

    Catherine, glad you were touched by this sentiment. Thanks so much for seeing me!

    Azure, thanks for enjoying these words!


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