Maire Dodd Earrings: Love & Hope

Twist and Turns, Mary Jane Dodd of Maire Dodd: lampworked glass and sterling silver

I love the shop tag line for Maire Dodd -- "jewelry to feed your creative spirit." It is so subtle but powerful for me. How many of us creatives actually take the time away from making beautiful things to actually let someone else nourish our creative spirits with an adornment?

Well, I suppose we treat ourselves to pretty baubles that inspire and make us feel more special, but it took me a moment to realize that I don't often consciously say to myself, "this object is feeding my creative spirit." It changes the energy completely, don't you think?

In the midst of a bustling December where I was spinning out of control, I was blessed with a beautiful moment of unexpected peace when I received these wonderful Twist and Turns earrings from my friend, and jewelry designer Mary Jane Dodd shop owner of Maire Dodd.

Mary Jane helped pick out Twists and Turns for me and when I opened them up, I knew they were the right pair of earrings. These earrings are a perfect balance between refined and rustic. The funky little turquoise glass beads say "I want have fun" while the hand stamped words "love" and "hope" let people know that I'm all about what's happening on the inside.

My favorite part of these earrings is the awkward way each of the wires is twisted and turning. THIS IS SO ME! I'm not sure how Mary Jane picked up on this aspect of my personality, but my life could be summed up with the phrase, "Beth is gradually learning to accept and appreciate her awkwardness."

I was instantly nourished! I hope you let your spirit be fed by something unique and find a piece of yourself in Maire Dodd's shop :)


  1. I do so love Miss Mary Jane. I have found a kindred spirit in her soul. I love that these so represent you. What a wonderful gift to be nourished each time you put on your special adornments. I would guess that is what people feel when they wear something of yours, Miss Beth! There are whispers of the soul that your pieces are perfect complement for. Thank you for sharing your inspiration today. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. A perfect pair of earrings...it is so nice to have a friend that can choose something for you without hesitation!


  3. They look so perfect for you - what a wonderful gift! Wear them with joy. I agree with Erin - your pieces also speak, sometimes with a soft whisper, sometimes loud and clear.

  4. I am inspired by all of you ladies , carry on !

  5. Maire is AMAZING. I want to be her when I grow up!

  6. thank you beth, and i am so very glad they mean so much to you... i think i have told you before (but just so you remember), you are one of my first etsy meets, my first blogger friend and a constant source of inspiration and support... our journeys are winding and full of stops and starts... but as long as we keep hope and love alive in our hearts and are mindful, you cannot go wrong... i thank you for sharing your path with us, often leading, always learning...

  7. Erin, you and Mary Jane have the same inventive, wandering curiosity that I adore! Thanks for seeing the soulful connection between Mary Jane's work and my own :)

    Azure, wow is it refreshing to have that sense of ease! So glad you sensed that too :)

    Catherine, as always...I'm blushing.

    Mountaindreamer, thanks for adding to the synergy!

    Pretty Things, that's the coolest complement. I'm imagining that Mary Jane loved hearing it. Thanks for sharing your positive spirit here.

    Mary Jane, you are so very welcome. It was a pleasure to receive your earrings and to enjoy your conversation. Hope you can feel that the support goes both ways as I learn from everyone's sharing and creativity!


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