A Nose Knows

One day during vacation I got it into my head that I needed the perfect picture of my cat Hugo's nose. It's just so small and pink and gosh darn cute that I somehow became obsessed with preserving it.

What is it about noses? And why is my kitty so reluctant to have it captured in pictures?

For me, it's one of the most beautiful mini sculptures found on a face. A nose is something that I could spend countless hours exploring the shapes, curves, shadows and lines. It's so intricate yet solid at the same time.

Usually, I spend my time stealing glances at peoples' hands, but I've been known to enjoy a nose or two when someone is not looking. A nose knows. It knows something deeper, which I can't put my finger on.

Each nose is perfectly crafted to fit the face of the person or creature it inhabits, and I suppose this quality is what I like best. Each one is unique and no matter how long I stare at this nose, I still learn something new that keeps me coming back for more.

Hope you're stealing a look at a beautiful nose right now!


  1. VERY lion-esque! love it! My fav are the 3rd and last pics! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Well, Hugo's nose is beautiful for sure and goes so perfectly with the rest of his beauty!

  3. Love all the photos!!. She reminds me of a lioness!... Cats are such proud creatures!.

  4. Yes! Hugo's nose is magical.

    I love noses and hands and necks. At the peak of puberty when all my gal pals were talking about muscles and mustaches, it was I, lone duck who'd say-that guy has the best NOSE!

    I try not to make my obsession/infatuation obvious, but I do enjoy noses and have quite a few kitty nose picks around.

  5. Hugo looks rather lion like in these photos. Gorgeous. I've never really thought much about noses. But now that you've brought it up they are rather beautiful. I am quite fascinated with the noses of my dogs. I wonder if it has something to do with how expresseive an animals nose is. They twitch when they are scenting, flare when they are hyper aware. Or maybe it has something to do with breathing in life? Ummm, I will probably ponder this for a while.

  6. Beautiful -- I love how you captured his purrrfect nose and mouth (very James Cameron Avatarish -- he muct have a cat)! I am in bed catching up on blog friends' posts and went into the kitchen for a moment. When I returned to the bedroom, my Angelina was resting her head on the key board and she left this comment ///////////////////////////////////////////////////I am sure it is a message for Hugo!

  7. A fabulous nose! Elusive or not! He's a beauty!

  8. Hugo thanks you all for loving his glamorous looks and his discrete little nose!

    Virginia, what fun to receive a message from Angelina. Hugo was delighted :)

    Leann, love the powerful look of a dog's nose. And each one of them says something different to me. I like your take on breathing...I hadn't thought of that!

    T.Allen, why I'm not surprised you're hooked on noses and hands like me! I love your nose infatuation from youth.


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