Personalized Jewelry Design using Birthstones

silver charm tree life necklace jewelry garnet birthstoneGaëlle's Charm Story Necklace, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
garnet (January birthstone), sterling silver chain and wire, and fine silver tree of life charm

Over the last year I've begun to see Hint Jewelry's designs like knitting patterns or cooking recipes. My jewelry designs are just a framework to spark the imagination of others. I can't think of a time where I actually followed a recipe exactly as it was written. I'm always adjusting flavors to my own tastes and dietary needs. The same was true when I was an avid knitter. I replaced yarn with different colors, changed sizing, and added embellishments that suited my style.

Why not think this way in terms of jewelry? My experience last year of designing custom story jewelry for women, showed me that no two beauties think alike, and everyone has their own unique vision.

Pictured above is a personalized charm necklace that was based on a design already featured in my shop.

silver charm tree life jewelry necklace birthstone tourmalineTree of Life Charm Necklace, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
green tourmaline (October birthstone), freshwater pearl,
sterling silver chain and wire, and fine silver tree of life charm

Born in January, my client wanted to replace the green tourmaline gems and pearl with her cherished garnet birthstone. It' amazing how just the adjustment of gemstones can change the feeling of a necklace and make it personalized for each woman!


  1. the gemstones each give off such different vibes... and i really love how you created a link with them... it brings them into the flow, i like that a lot!

  2. The beauty of creating anything is being able to add your own personal touches...


  3. I love the analogy to following a recipe - where you follow but change things around a bit too! The garnet looks fab.

  4. Wonderful design! I think it is fantastic that you are open to what the client's needs are.

    In Beads and Joy,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  5. Mary Jane, glad how you liked how they are linked together. It's almost as if these two versions play off each other and create a whole new dynamic.

    Azure, thanks for this wisdom. I hadn't really been thoroughly conscious of how much of my life is creating my own personal spin on things. This insight has really changed the way I look at others.

    Ruth, glad this recipe analogy spoke to you! I always find it as a great release for people when they start making art. To first see the recipe, build confidence through following a structure if they need it, and then take off on their own tangents when they're ready.

    Beadphoria, thanks for supporting this path I'm taking in my business!


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