Shoot the Moon

silver star charm necklace jewelry turquoiseLone Star, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
sterling beadball chain, turquoise, and fine silver star charm

I grew up playing the card game Euchre, where four people work in pairs to slam the other team. Occasionally, one lucky person might feel like they struck gold with some sweet cards and choose to "shoot the moon" alone, leaving their partner to become a passive observer of a fantastic glittering star.

Sometimes I see this metaphor happening in my partnership. Stuff happens while I sit idly by, twiddling my thumbs, doing nothing. Having been on my own until my mid-thirties, I found marriage to be a strange letting go of things that I had done for myself as a way to create an effective team. Don't get me wrong, some things I gladly traded in like cleaning toilets or mowing the lawn for the joy of taking out the garbage and doing laundry. Nevertheless, I believe that as a single person I felt and acted more empowered on a regular basis.

This week I did my own version of shooting the moon and used Turbo Tax on Hint Jewelry. Gosh darn, this experience was seriously empowering! Working through every problem and question alone felt like revisiting an old part of myself -- that super girl that believed I could figure anything out given the right tools and opportunity.

I learned so much from my Turbo Tax discovery process that I've revised all my spreadsheets and bookkeeping so that tax year 2010 will feel effortless. This year I want to explore the financial side of business more and more through workshops and reading. Hold on to your hats because this weekend I'm attending a tax workshop for small business offered by the Oregon College of Arts and Craft, and I hope to share what I've learned come February. Get excited because numbers have never felt like so much fun!


  1. how great for you! i am always inspired by the ways you share your self and experiences... and grateful... you forge ahead, setting an example of how art and business do come together...

  2. Thank you for that "hint", Beth! A gentle nudge to remember... the days when we were completely self reliable - before entering the graceful dance of partnership. Which sometimes can be a stumble...Just this morning had my husband "remind" me how to work the fireplace flue. I knew it, I was correct; but needed the reassurrance. Thank you for reminding me to trust myself.

  3. Congrats on getting the taxes together! Alas, I am stupid to the power of duh so need an accountant.

  4. You go, girl! Keep that moon in sight!

  5. Beth - usually my partner does mine too. But I feel like I need to do it myself - I will be trying to do the same thing as you!!!!

  6. Congratulations on getting your taxes done! But honestly, I don't equate numbers with fun.....

    I went from living at home to getting married (6 months in between in a small apartment with two other girls while attending a business college), so I never really had that feeling of empowerment. I must try that some time.



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