Theresa Maxwell: Painting with Light and Color

Lucy and Dolly, Theresa Maxwell: oil

Back in November I saw this beautiful painting of two little boys featured on CS Design's blog Adding a Little Colour to Life and fell in love with the art of Theresa Maxwell. I've seen a lot of artists paint from photographs, but somehow Theresa Maxwell is able to take a static image and create light, feeling, and movement all with brushstrokes and choice of color. You feel as if the scene just happened. I think what I like best is that she is able to take the every day moment, person, or animal and transform it into something special. Here are a few of Theresa Maxwell's gorgeous paintings to enjoy!

Into the Woods, Theresa Maxwell: oil

Dudleys' Farm, Theresa Maxwell: oil

Quilt Dog, Carpet, Theresa Maxwell: oil


  1. Beth, I wish you could view them in person. Theresa's work is truly stunning. I'm so happy you featured her!

  2. stunning, thanks for sharing this beauty ~

  3. A perfect pick-me-up for this rainy, gloomy day. Thanks!

  4. Cserden, They look amazing and I'm guessing you are treasuring yours every day! Thanks for introducing her work to me.

    Glad Theresa's work spoke to you Mary Jane and Sandra!

    Catherine, rain for you too! Well, I'm so glad Theresa's work perked you up.


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