You, Me and the Mirror

You are my mirror.

I forget that you are my opportunity to cherish
the parts of my humanity that I have neglected or disowned.

In all your disguises, you bring me back to a place of wholeness.

Thank you for the gift of remembering.


  1. Hi Beth, would you like to post this on the Mirror, Mirror Challenge? Very nice!

  2. I love this post... :) thank you

  3. Thanks Virginia! I'd love to have you post it on the Mirror Mirror challenge :) Let me know if I have to do anything special or if you can just grab it from my web site. Cheers!

    Lilla, knowing you got this makes me smile :)

  4. Oh yes, mirroring is such an important part of emotional and spiritaul health. This touches me in ways that I can not put into words. Thank you.

  5. this is so beautiful, and important... how often do we shy away from mirrors - afraid of what they might reveal?

  6. I find that there is, unfortunately, still a bit of a stigma attached to looking in a mirror, particularly for women. It's interpreted as a sign of vanity....I look in the mirror when I am emotional and when I have to make an important decision - it helps me look inside my head, so to speak, look deep inside myself, through my eyes...In the past, I have been caught looking in the mirror and told I was vain..."preening again?!"....it's a brave thing, I think, to be comfortable with a mirror - I think I am brave!


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