Busy Bee Home from Tucson

sunny bee

I'm back from my trip to the glorious southwest town of Tucson, Arizona, and this busy bee is still buzzing from all the amazing things I was able to see and do in such a short time. I'm still trying to absorb everything, so I hope to share more throughout the month of February. Here are a few snippets from my meandering...

To Bead True Blue Show, Tucson 2010: Objects and Elements booth
Susan Lenart Kazmer

I was only able to hit about half of the art bead shows in Tucson --
wow, there are a lot of beads out there!

hola coca-cola

My hubby couldn't resist a Mexican bottle of Coca-Cola...yum!

historic home near Tucson Museum of Art

Wandered around the Tucson Museum of Art
and saw lots of wonderful historic buildings.

Hiked out in the desert -- gorgeous!

prairie dogs

Met some friendlies at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.
Aren't they adorable?!

a plane with a view

Flew through a pink cloud on the way home through Los Angeles :)
The perfect ending to our southwest adventure!


  1. how wonderful! i was thinking about you... and you got to go to the o&e booth? sooo cool! i got moo cards this week - and yours is my first 'traded' one! :0) so glad you had an adventure ~

  2. great photos! how fun too! i'm dying to go and visit arizona.

  3. Looks wonderful, maybe next year. I have been to the Desert Museum and would go back in a minute.

  4. Mary Jane, yahoo for your moo cards! Have fun with them and yes, I got to see objects & elements up close. In fact, I think it was my favorite booth design.

    Sandra, I had so much fun. Hope you get to see Arizona soon! There is so much to do there with family :)

    Gardanne, oh you love the Desert Museum too! We almost tried to do it twice before we left :) Hope you get a trip there next year!


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