Gem Stories: Amethyst

February's traditional birthstone is amethyst, but I'd love it to be mine too! After reading Victoria Finlay's Jewels: A Secret History, I've become somewhat more liberated in regards to adopting other gems as my own birthstones.

Apparently, during the glorious year of 1912 in of all places Kansas City, Missouri, an official meeting of the American National Association of Jewelers came up with an arbitrary list of birthstones based on gems they most wanted to sell. Lucky for me this group of marketing savvy jewelers chose garnet for January, which is one that both looks good on me, and I adore; however, I would have been just as happy with an amethyst. Life is no longer neat and tidy anymore! I invite you to throw caution to the wind and adopt your own personal birthstones :)

A member of the quartz family, amethyst has always drawn me in with her intoxicating hues of lavenders and deep violets. Known as a stone of transformation, amethyst awakens spiritual journeys and new levels of consciousness. An amethyst crystal is believed to take your lower vibrations and transform them into higher energy. If you are experiencing any type of change, loss, or grief, then amethyst is going to be a great source of comfort.

Even though I don't totally understand the science behind a gemstone's structure and its healing powers, this connection between transformation and amethyst doesn't surprise. Intuitively I know its color soothes me like seeing the end of a gorgeous sunset, and when I hold any type of quartz in my hand I feel the awesome power of how the earth conducts energy through its body of minerals.

I think the most important aspect of connecting with any particular gemstone, is to first sense what you are feeling when you hold it in your hand and gaze at its color. If you trust the voice inside, then you'll truly understand its personal significance. You have an inner knowing that is deeper then any words found in a book or outlined on an arbitrary list.


  1. Amethyst in one of my favs too. The word is Greek for "not drunk". It is tradtionally used in jewelry worn by bishops to say they are "filled with the spirit" and not drunk with wine. (Ephesians 5:18 -- And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.)


  2. What a gorgeous post! From the stunning amethyst string to the writing. Top shelf, my dear! I love the idea of picking your own birthstones. The ones that bring you joy and healing and a sense of completeness. I love amethyst for its royal feel. My daughter's birthday was yesterday and she wants desperately to adopt my birthstone, peridot, (because her new favorite color is green) the one I never liked when I was a kid. I appreciate it now, but somehow I know that deep garnets and pool blue aquamarines and especially the soft shimmer of pearls is more for me. Why not have a different birthstone for whatever month - and mood - you are in! I thought that was a fascinating tidbit about the jewelers dictating what our birthstones were just to push them out the door. I usually consult multiple birthstone charts, like modern/traditional/Ayurvedic stones to find the one that suits my client most.
    Thanks for this beautiful glimpse!
    Enjoy the day, Beth!

  3. Yes, there are some stones that just imbue the body with such positive earth Energy. Am glad you found that amethyst is like that for you (: Turquoise is mine, a stone of one-ness and calming energy. The Navajo believe that a piece of turquoise is a piece of the sky fallen to Earth. I enjoy wearing a piece of the sky!

  4. I'm garnet, too, but have always loved amethysts - purple! :-) They just make me feel good. Imagine the power behind a necklace or bracelet comprised of all of the birthstones.

  5. Emanda, that is so interesting about its meaning. Thanks for adding to the richness of amethyst!

    Erin, I love your idea -- birthstone for every changing mood! Bravo :)

    Catherine, this idea of turquoise being a piece of sky is so poetic. I need to remember this and try to do a necklace on this concept. Thank you for this beautiful picture!

    Oh Erica, that would be so cool! A necklace with all the birthsones. You may have inspired me to do just that. Thank you for sharing this concept!


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