Saraswati: Swan of Absolute Truth

silver swan sister charms charm bracelet girl jewelryAbsolute Truth, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver swan sister charm

Hiding within a fragile lotus blossom is Saraswati, Hindu goddess of wisdom, the divine swan maiden, and physical manifestation of Absolute Truth. When you are able to see the purity of your becoming in every moment, you embody the ancient wisdom of Saraswati.


  1. I love swans. There's a pair of them before a bridge I have to cross over and I love seeing them.

  2. This is a beautiful design, Beth. In Vedic literature, people who have reached a place of great spiritual grace are sometimes called Paramahamsa, or "Great Swan". That's a lovely visualization coupled with your charm (:

  3. Hi sweet girl. I just took a look at your etsy shop and cannot believe how well you're doing with your wonderful jewelry. I am so impressed! You have really done a great job! bravo.

  4. Tamera, you are too sweet! I hope all is well with you too :)

    Ooooo, I haven't heard this term before, Catherine! Paramahamsa. Now I'll be trying to say it 7 times fast :)

    Love swan sculpture best, Pretty Things! They always seem to be located near water which is just delightful. Yours must be a beautiful bridge.


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