Shop Closed for Sunshine & Gems

This week I'm off to Tucson to take in an amazing collection of gem and bead shows. I've closed Hint Jewelry and plan to reopen on February 10th. Things got a little hectic over the weekend, so I shelved my blog post on Victoria Finlay's final chapter on diamonds from Jewels: A Secret History until later in the month.

I can't wait to look at gems with a whole new eye for story and get a taste for sunshine again! Wishing you a wonderful week, and I hope you enjoy whatever creative impulse grabs you :)


  1. have a wonderful time! hope everything is ok... i feel faint at those shows! they can be a bit overwhelming - so much beauty...

  2. Have a sun-drenched good time and shop to your heart's content. Take pics to show us all the loot you bring back!!

  3. oh you lucky girl! have fun and enjoy the shopping! oh yes, take photos!

  4. Beth,
    I'm envious - have a great time! If you have a chance, stop and see Kate Mckinnon's PMC work. She was my teacher - one of the best.

    Best Bead Show
    Kate McKinnon, booth #51 (www.katemckinnon.com)

    Kino Veterans Memorial Community Center
    2805 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713

    Also, thank you for 1/27 post - really hit home for me.

  5. Oh, lucky you! Enjoy the sunshine and bead shopping. I can't wait to see what you bring back!

  6. I'm jealous! One day I hope I can do this -- I love that area of the country! Have fun!


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