Susan Brubaker Knapp: Blue Moon River Quilts

spring red breasted robin quiltHarbinger's Hope (Detail), Susan Brubaker Knapp (Blue Moon River)

Having Hint Jewelry out on the Internet invites serendipity into my life every day. Like a kid at a gigantic show and tell, I do something, post it on Flickr, Facebook, or Blogger, and if I'm lucky, magically someone sees a part of their heart in it. They reach out to connect, and I get to join in the fun of looking at art together.

This is how I met the amazing fiber artist, quilt pattern designer and teacher Susan Brubaker Knapp of Blue Moon River. Susan saw Hint Jewelry's Mini business cards in a Moo.com newsletter and wandered over to my shop. In return, I got to peek inside her Blue Moon River studio and see nature expressed in a whole new and refreshing way.

spring red breasted robin quilt quiltingHarbinger's Hope, 2007, 53 x 62 inches
Susan Brubaker Knapp (Blue Moon River)
Batiks, hand-dyed cotton, fusible web, non-fusible interfacing,
cotton and rayon threads, and perle cotton

My favorite piece from Susan Brubaker Knapp's fiber arts collection is Harbinger's Hope -- an abstraction of a nest, tree and robin. What a beautiful personal story painted eloquently in cloth and thread, celebrating the coming of spring and the preservation of trees amidst society's fast-paced development.

I really appreciate Susan Brubaker Knapp's ability to take a feeling about nature and translate it into a visual image that has rhythm through pattern and color. My eye keeps circling through the quilt looking for details that I've missed such as the falling feathers.

baltimore album quilt heart valentinesHeart's Desire (Baltimore Album Quilt Pattern), 62 x 62 inches
Susan Brubaker Knapp (Blue Moon River)

If you can't afford one of Blue Moon River's one-of-a-kind beauties, and you're handy with a needle and thread, then you might consider falling in love with one of her incredible quilting patterns. I'm not a fiber artist, but this version of a Baltimore Album quilt called Heart's Desire, is just the type of thing I would want in my possession as a family heirloom.

Creating pleasing patterns takes a special talent for understanding line, shape, color, texture, and balance. Not only is Susan able to call to mind an American heritage of quilt making with this exquisite piece of artistry, she's knocked it out of the ball park by harmonizing the elements of design. The added cool thing about Heart's Desire is that you can buy just one block or the whole pattern.

butterfly quilt quiltingLepidoptera, 2009, 39 x 39 inches
Susan Brubaker Knapp (Blue Moon River)
cotton fabric, cotton threads, fabric paint,
wool polyester batting, and machine quilted

Susan Brubaker Knapp
created this next startling burst of color based on a photograph she snapped of a Painted Lady Butterfly. Lepidoptera reminds me of sunny days where you if you look closely you'll see small color explosions erupting all around you. This piece makes me want to get out my colored pencils and just draw what ever shapes come to mind without following any plan.

Susan's work explodes with color and vibrance, and I'm guessing this is because she has an amazing wealth of creative energy! Don't miss an opportunity to visit Blue Moon River's blog to learn more about Susan Brubaker Knapp and take part in her creative journey.


  1. OMG!, her work is unbelievable.. Such fresh bright colors... That flower quilt she donated is about the most beautiful I have ever seen.

  2. Thanks for sharing these truly amazing quilts with us, Beth. Am so taken with Lepidoptera. Am on my way now to check out her blog (:

  3. I'm so glad Susan shared your jewelry on her blog...its amazing!


  4. Susan's quilts are so refreshing with their bright colors and inspirational themes. I never learned to sew and admire those who have such a wonderful talent with needle and thread. Thanks for sharing the link!

  5. So glad you all loved this splash of color and sunshine in your life. Susan is truly amazing!


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