Behind the Scenes: Increase Search Engine Traffic By Using Alt Tags for Images in Blogger

How do people know where to find you? If you are swimming in a sea of data out on the Internet one of the hardest things to achieve is to be heard by the people you are trying to serve. Like penguins calling out for their mates, you need to find ways to let your peeps hear you.

If you have a product that helps others, one of the easiest ways to be located is through images on a search engine such as Google. For instance, if I am looking for a heart pendant necklace, sometimes it's easier to just look through images instead of clicking on each link to see what they look like (click here to see an example of a heart necklace image search). Be aware that these image searches do not include everyone's work, but that's why it's a useful tool for being heard.

For example, if you type in "tree of life charm" in a Google image search, Hint's Tree of Life charm featured on Blogger will appear on the first page. I've been tracking this Tree of Life charm for six months now, and it hasn't left this page ranking. More importantly, when I look at the stats from Google Analytics, I can track that about 40% of my potential audience is finding Hint Jewelry through image searches.

You don't have to be super technical to make sure your pictures are accurately included in an image search, rather it's just one extra step in your blogging process that helps people locate you. I'm not an expert on adding alt tags to blogger so you may want to visit this site called Blogger Tips and Tricks where I learned how to edit my posts.

Because the images appear so small on my post, be sure to click on them with your mouse to enlarge the photo so you can see the examples more clearly.

How to Add Alt Tags to Images in Blogger
(Click on the above photo after reading these instructions to enlarge)

1. While editing a Blogger post, click on the Edit Html tab.
2. Use your Internet Browser's Find Option (Ctrl+F or Edit > Find), type alt into the search field, and then click Next to search for alt.
3. You should see some text that resembles your image file name and then after it alt = " " With your mouse click in between the two quotes after the alt = and type in five to seven different search terms that people might use to find this image. It was suggested to add no more then eight keywords because search engines may see it as spamming. If you have only one photo in your post then you may only find one alt = " " in the Html code. Otherwise, if you have multiple photos keep clicking Next in the Find option to look for another alt = " " and add more keyword tags.

Click on this photo to enlarge and see an example of some keyword tags that I entered for a silver sun charm: alt = " silver sun charm jewelry bracelet"

An even more important decision is figuring out what keywords to add as alt tags. There is a trick to finding the best words, and I hope to explore this in a later Behind the Scenes post. If you are looking for some guidance, I like to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Please see my whole Behind the Scenes series for more tips on running an online business and making jewelry.

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