Beading Corner: Dakota Stones for Designs that ROCK!

I don't purchase a whole lot of large semi-precious stones anymore, because unfortunately I've got so many sitting around my bead stash that is seems like a waste. Nevertheless, when I visited Dakota Stones booth at The Best Bead Show in Tucson, I had a hard time prying myself away from the dazzling array of colors and shapes.

Based out of Minnesota and having the best tag line for a bead supplier -- "Dakota Stones for designs that ROCK" -- I really appreciated their choice in stone selection. There is bold, colorful chunkiness to the stones they are selling, and I like that they offer unique shapes.

Aren't these Indian bloodstones simply delish?

Of course one of my top favs was these labradorites...maybe a sleek choker with these beauties?

Be sure to check out Dakota Stones online shop!


  1. i love these!.. earthy and jewel like.

  2. I also have a bead stash that continues to grow after I've used a portion. It's still hard to hold back at a bead show. I just love beads.

  3. the bloodstones are SO delish! I'm gonna check out the website as soon as I finish here...... ;o)

    have a good weekend!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. I'm like Diana - have a bead stash, but mine's way out of control and I love EVERY stone : Thanks for sharing this site with us, Beth. What lovely stones they offer!

  5. Haha, other bead addicts to the rescue! They are definitely hard to resist:)


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