Beading Corner: Gail Crosman Moore

When you arrive at Gail Crosman Moore's web site you are greeted with this glorious explosion of color and texture -- just like spring garden! Of all the artists working out there in mixed media, I think Gail Crosman Moore's work in fiber and glass expresses most closely the reverence I feel when I look at colors and forms in nature.

I saw her work at The Whole Bead Show in Tucson, Arizona last month, but honestly there was such a bustle and frenzy of things going on I couldn't really focus on the intricacy of Gail Crosman Moore's work. I picked up a business card, and promised myself I would be visiting her site online so as to spend a few quiet moments with her artistry. I tucked the card away in my growing collection of "things must do" and manage to let it accumulate dust. Then I happen to be re-reading Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads by the wonderful artisan Stephanie Sersich, and saw a feature on Gail Crosman Moore.

Life seems to have a way of bringing me back to the places I need to be, so I quickly got online to check out Gail Crosman Moore's work.

Wow! I was so taken with her ability to transform felt and glass into artwork that has a living presence. I enjoy how each bead on one of her creations seems to be placed with intention in just the right spot.

Her work in glass is a marvel too and reminds me of ancient Roman flasks that mesmerized me at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Felted Beaded Bracelet Kit, Gail Crosman Moore:
Wool fleece, magatamas, needles, thread, sequins,
seed beads, memory wire and directions

Her shop offers supplies and kits to get you started on making these wonderful felted, beaded creations. This $48.00 felted beaded bracelet kit is one of my favorite Gail Crosman Moore pieces that you get to assemble yourself.

Felted Acorn Earring Kit, Gail Crosman Moore:
wool fleece, sequins,needles, thread and seed beads,
ear wires, rubber stoppers and instructions

If you'd rather start with something small when learning wet felting for the first time, Gail Crosman Moore offers a $29.00 kit to make these adorable felted acorn earrings.

If you want to try your hand at felted jewelry, buy interesting beading supplies, or just get inspired by some magnificent artistry in fiber and glass, then be sure to scoot over to Gail Crosman Moore.


  1. I met Gail at a workshop last Fall and she is not only talented, she is a very sweet generous person.

  2. what a talent! her nature pieces almost seem to whisper - understated, delicate and very very beautiful... you need to stop and take the time to look at the details - what a gift...

  3. What unique finds! Lovin' the colors! How exciting to find a felting kit...Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the colors too... These fiber art designs are very inspiring!!!! Thanks for sharing Beth. LL ♥

  5. Gardanne, that workshop must have been so cool!

    So happy to sit in wonder of Gail's work with you all :)

  6. Thanks for sharing Gail's work...these are masterpieces in themselves and certainly breathtaking. Now I want to play with wool! Are you thinking of torch enameling? It's so much fun and instant gratification!

  7. the metal pieces with color are really extradinary. i am thinking of attending an upcoming workshop in my area but i'm sensitive to so many things i am hesitant. it there anymore information available about the chemicals used to color the metal pieces without giving away and super secret stuff?

  8. Unfortunately, this is the work of Gail Crosman Moore and I am unfamiliar with her process.You might try contacting her directly through her web site here: http://www.gailcrosmanmoore.com/

    She seems like a really easy going person, so I'm guessing she would definitely want to put you at ease about the materials used. Hope this helps!


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