Beading Corner: Magpie Pottery

Maggie Mae Beyeler of Magpie Pottery is based out of sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico. In each of her delicate creations there is a little of bit of that wonderful burnt sienna color so indicative of the southwest.

I particularly adore her buttons like this big 2 1/4" Indian embossed beauty in a cheerful green. Wouldn't this button make a neat focal point for a necklace or dramatic statement on a summer hand knitted sweater?

Porcelain Buttons, Magpie Pottery: porcelain, toner, glaze

Magpie Pottery also features buttons that have images fired onto the surface with just a hint of glaze for color. Maggie mixes a wonderful old fashioned images with a modern button design.

A Little Bird Told Me, Magpie Pottery: porcelain, toner, and glaze

If you already have enough crafting and beading supplies, you might indulge in a pair of cute earrings for spring. These birdies would be fun when dressing up for a day at the park or just strolling around the neighborhood.

Who wouldn't want some birds twittering in your ears?

Pear Noodle Bowl, Magpie Pottery: porcelain, toner, glaze

Magpie Pottery also has a beautiful collection of functional tableware that is super scrumptious. This Pear Noodle Bowl is my favorite. I'm imagining a wonderful steaming, hot bowl of Vietnamese pho that would be delish eaten out of this treasure!


  1. Beth, I definitely could see one of your charms w/her buttons!. btw the noodle bowl isn't on her etsy site.... gorgeous tho... she does beautiful work...love that green button!. When i saw it, I thought u have created it!.

  2. Oh yes, the charms and buttons would look so neat together! Yes, unfortunately this bowl is not featured on her Etsy shop. I was hoping you might click on the Noodle Bowl link that would take you to her main web site where there are more examples of her dinnerware. I'm guessing you could custom order this piece from her if you became enchanted with it.

  3. Just gorgeous! Those buttons are so delicate and the colors so fresh! Love what she did with the glazed images as well, goes nicely with the texture of the porcelain and the glaze. Ceramic pieces always have such nice heft too. Better go visit...

  4. Lunedreams, I too love the delicacy of the glaze and hadn't thought about how much beauty there is in the weight of ceramics. Nice!


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