Beading Corner: Marilyn Gardiner Chain Mail Jewelry Kits

sterling silver chain mail bracelet kitFlat Mesh Bracelet, Marilyn Gardiner: sterling silver chain mail bracelet kit

If you've ever attempted fabricating chain mail jewelry, the first thing you realize is that purchasing the right supplies to fit the design is crucial. Save yourself some frustration of figuring out what kind of jump rings to buy and how many, by heading over to Marilyn Gardiner to peruse her wonderful chain mail kits.

I saw Marilyn Gardiner's chain mail kits down in Tucson at the To Bead True Blue show where her professional display communicated top notch organization and chain mail kit designs. Though Marilyn Gardiner is based out of Canada, and shopping internationally may be new to you, the quality and number of unique designs she offers seems like a bonus to me.

sterling silver chain mail earring kitChinese Knot Earrings, Marilyn Gardiner: sterling silver chain mail earring kit

Marilyn Gardiner provides chain mail kits for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced levels of jewelry design. If you don't want to invest a lot of time and money testing out chain mail techniques, I think these cute Chinese knot earrings would be a simple way to get started.

copper chain mail bracelet kitByzantine Math Bracelet, Marilyn Gardiner: copper chain mail bracelet kit

Another affordable way to learn this metal working technique is to buy a chain mail kit in copper instead of sterling silver. This Byzantine Math bracelet is a show stopper and its design seems less intimidating because its made of copper. Working in copper might allow you to practice new chain mail designs that you might never otherwise attempt.

Marilyn Gardiner has tons of other cool findings, kits, books, and DVDs. However, I think the the best part of shopping at Marilyn Gardiner is knowing you have all the correct materials and accurate instructions to set you on the path of designing chain mail jewelry.


  1. These are beautiful. Chain maille is something I have been meaning to dabble in. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

  2. Glad you liked these, and I hope you try it out for fun!


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