BeadScape: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and Pink Lemonade

Sometimes I want to do everything, but then it doesn't happen.

Spring flowers are starting to pop up around Portland, and I have this incredible urge to connect with color. Often I find it hard to pull out my paints or colored pencils or devote a couple hours to stringing some glorious beads, because making silver charms for Hint Jewelry takes some extra special care.

I was feeling a little bit sad around this notion that my creativity is being driven by an entity rather then an intuitive impulse, so I started thinking about what I could do in this moment to bring some comfort. I began by imagining a scene in my head that would bring a sense of peace to my restless creativity.

What came to mind was a picture of me sitting on a beach, picking up stones and seashells and arranging them in the sand. A rush of rest, relaxation, and contentment flooded my system when I brought this scene to mind.

Rediscovering simple moments that you have tucked away in the back of your head -- the root or seed of where a creative impulse may have started -- can be so rejuvenating and lead to your place of wholeness.

Last weekend I decided to play out my imaginary world. I locked myself away in my room on an imaginary beach. I spread out a rainbow of beads on the floor and started randomly putting colors together in piles. No plan. No destination. No design requirements. Just me and color.

Gradually I began to see small landscapes of color take shape -- BeadScapes. Like a garden of spring flowers that I could rearrange to my hearts content without needing an end result. It felt so refreshing to play in this way that I took some photos to share in hopes that you will find some inspiration and energy too!


  1. i love this post - and your beadscape! am so glad you got to wiggle your toes in colour with no need for a final result...

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Beth! Beautiful colors together - you have an eye!


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