Behind the Scenes: Asking for and Receiving Help

Do you have difficulty receiving help?

Asking for help is probably one of my biggest stumbling blocks to really connecting with my greatest good.

Oh, I'm not talking about asking your partner to put together the chair from Ikea that you know you can do but you're just feeling a little bit lazy...I'm talking about asking for help when you feel most vulnerable. The kind of help that has you admitting that you can't do things alone and you need the talent of other people to bring this whole wonderful production called Life together.

Lucky for me, I've got people out there willing to push me out of my comfort zone and into new ways of being. Hint Jewelry charms published in the new spring issue of Stringing Magazine is more then a wonderful collaboration between designers -- it's the result of my beautiful and brave friend Lorelei Eurto reaching out and offering help when I most needed it.

For about a year, I had on my to do list "contact jewelry designers who would like to collaborate on submissions to beading magazines." To some people this may seem like a simple endeavor, but from an introvert's point of view, putting myself in any situation that might end in potential rejection is the equivalent of jumping off a cliff. Thank goodness, someone heard my silent pleas for help and did the reaching out for me!

Not only has it been fun to see Hint Jewelry charms with Round Rabbit, Pinocean, and MartiC51 beads accenting an amazing Lorelei Eurto bracelet design in Stringing Magazine, but this clever piece is photographed along with bracelets from some of my other favorite designers: Andrew Thornton, Heather Trudeau, Sharon Palac, Heather Powers, and Gaea Cannaday. It's like getting invited to the best block party ever!

Here's Lorelei Eurto's bracelet up close with a Bunny Flight charm from Hint Jewelry. It's the perfect spring design, full of subtle colors and textures that make you feel like dressing up for playing in the garden.

Many thanks to Lorelei for making this all possible and stretching my capacity to be more fully interconnected!


  1. I love what Lorelei did with your work ... and it was a genius idea for the collaboration. I'm glad to see that your work got some great coverage!

  2. you are so sweet. i hope one day we can meet so i can give you a nice big hug. Your post was like a virtual hug today, thanks!
    I look forward to using your lovelies more often!!

  3. congratulations beth - your work definitely deserves to be highlighted in print!

  4. Was so glad to see Lorelei's design using several of your charms - my eye was instantly drawn to the bracelet. Her design showcases them wonderfully. Congratulations!

  5. Lorelei's the best, isn't she? So glad to see Hint in the pages of Stringing!!!

  6. You know, my eye zoomed directly at your lovely Hint charms gracing Lorelei's bracelet before I even noticed my own on that page! Congratulations to you both on a beautiful collaboration.

    Now that you have your feet wet, Beth, will you take the publishing plunge? I think we all would like to hear a resounding "Yes"!

  7. Thanks everyone for providing great encouragement! Knowing Lorelei was going to come up with something that was both fantastic and intriguing was like going to your most trusted hairstylist -- you know she's going to make you look beautiful! I'm so grateful for the experience.

    Sharon, you are a charmer...maybe soon! It was wonderful to see your inventive designs in print throughout that gorgeous issue.


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