Behind the Scenes: Creating a Signature Style

silver bunny rabbit charm jewelry braceletRabbit Run, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver bunny rabbit charm

One of the unconscious business savvy things I was doing from the start of Hint Jewelry was developing a signature style for my silver charms. Being an artist, I am naturally compulsive and repetitive. Can't say for certain which came first!!

Because I liked the design of my little plum blossom flower so much it was part of my natural tendency to repeat it often and include it in many different charms. It was an intentional habitual behavior like grabbing for the same brand of oatmeal every week at the market, but what I didn't realize is that it can also be a conscious way to create a signature look that gives your business sincere presence.

"Oh, yeah Hint Jewelry, she's the girl that has all those charms with the cute animals and the little flowers."

What I was doing with my compulsive need to include flowers in my charms was also the means to putting a recognizable face on my business. From a relational point of view, I believe it helps people know with me with clarity. They know what to expect from my design, and they can feel safe perusing my shop. I'm not jumping around trying on new design styles like trends from last season, instead it communicates a grounded consistency and genuine presence. I'm guessing my repetitive behavior lets people know they are getting the real me.

When I came to this new point of view, I realized that like a symphony I wanted all my charm designs to flow together and harmonize. I've set about revising charms such as Rabbit Run pictured above so as to fit them better into the whole picture. Just by changing the flower to the plum blossom, I felt a deeper connection to this piece.

Here is the first plum blossom charm that inspired me to include its image in other designs.

silver bee charm jewelry braceletDevotion, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver bee and flower charm

with bees that buzz...

hummingbirds that flit...

silver plum blossom charm jewelry braceletJoy, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver plum blossoms charm

and a little snuggly patch of them.

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  1. i love this - and i thank you for sharing your revisions... the plum blossom is definitely integral to your signature style... i love seeing it on the back and on your moo cards as well... just so you know, joy is one of my new favorites...

  2. omg, i love that plum blossom!. that would make some gorgeous earrings...and i like both rabbit charms both would work depending on whatever look one was going for.

  3. It is always so fascinating to watch the transformation of a design(s)of a favorite artist. Have always loved your plum blossom and had noticed it in several of your charms, one of the reasons I admire your work. Love your analogy to a symphony - you are so right(:

  4. Thanks Mary Jane for the thumbs up on my little flower and "joy"!

    Chrissy, by chance I just made another pair of earrings with these plum blossoms. I can't wait to post them next week :)

    Thanks Catherine for supporting my journey!

  5. I love your style, and The plum blossom is beautiful and you are genius for incorporating it with your other designs.


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