Donate Charm for Villa

silver tree of life charm jewelry braceletTree of Life charm, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
turquoise, carnelian, sterling wire, silver tree of life charm

The other day while visiting Christine Damm's blog Stories They Tell, I saw this posting about donating a charm for a healing bracelet to honor her sister-in-law Villa. Diagnosed with leukemia a year ago, Villa is currently undergoing another round of chemotherapy.

I was so touched by this idea of a bracelet standing in for Christine's presence, that I immediately envisioned the charm that I wanted to give. This little perfectly imperfect Tree of Life had been waiting in my remnant stash for just the right moment and the right person.

Jane Eyre cuff

If you feel so inclined to add to Villa's healing charm bracelet, visit Christine Damm's blog for more details. As a way of expressing her gratitude for donations, Christine Damm will be giving away some beautiful pieces like this Jane Eyre cuff...

and a set of polymer clay Bumblebeads.


  1. This is a beautiful piece! I know Vila will appreciate all that Christine is doing as an acknowledgement of her struggle with cancer.

  2. that is a perfect charm for the bracelet... and what a wonderfully energized piece it will be... i sent a charm too...

  3. Oh oh - I think I might've just found another blog I need to follow. Stumbled upon your blog through Lorelei's blog. Beautiful work.

  4. Can't wait to see our charms mixed together, like a healing circle :)

    Good to meet you Boston! Thanks for your wonderful presence here.


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