Frog Prince: Love & Valor

Brave Heart, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver frog prince charm

My Sweet Prince,

How was I to know you saw the deepest stirrings of my heart? Your seemingly small existence was easy to overlook. You were the extraordinary in the ordinary. A gigantic secret wrapped in a small package. O brave of heart, thank you for being true as I learned to see the prince inside of you.



  1. I just love your work! Seriously, you have some of the most unique charms and I think this froggie just pushed me over the edge...I'm going to have to get him (and I know myself, just one will not do!) Love your blog too :)
    Cheers from Minnesota, Beth

  2. A true prince! Am so glad I'll be working with one for my friend!

  3. Thank you so much Beth for loving my designs and this cutie that has been waiting and waiting to have his day!

    So glad he is a prince that is speaking to you all :)


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