Gem Stories: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is my go-to gemstone. It's perfect for every day wear, seems to look beautiful on most people and always produces a calming affect on me. Named for that ever changing blue color of the ocean, aquamarine is the modern birthstone for March and anyone who feels they were originally meant for the sea but finds themselves living on dry land (translation: mermaids, anyone?).

In fact, in ancient Rome, aquamarine gemstones were sacred to the god Neptune and gifts from sirens carried ashore by the sea. If you were an ancient sailor, you may have used an aquamarine stone to keep you safe on the high seas and to protect you from the lure of a siren's song.

Bluish in color, aquamarine is also associated with healing the throat chakra (fifth chakra) -- the location of your body that centers around self-expression. Learning to communicate personal truths, listening with compassion, finding your creative voice, and developing resonance with others are challenges of the throat chakra. So much of our daily existence is wrapped up in speaking and listening, I've come to consider aquamarine as the best gemstone to aid in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

So what if most aquamarines are heat treated to deepen their blue color and may come from landlocked Colorado, I love the picture they evoke of ocean waves and mysterious sirens as well as the comfort they bring as I learn to grow a compassionate voice.


  1. I love that color as well!.. soothing and rich

  2. Have seen it described as helping to "create a peaceful stillness like the flow of a forest stream". What a beautiful description for a beautiful stone (:

  3. Chrissy so glad you love this gem too!

    Catherine, I love that image of the flowing stream in a forest. Did you ever read about John Muir's stream he built his house over so he could live with this element inside? Amazing :)


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