Jitterbug Perfume Treasury

I haven't been paying any attention to my little Lighten Up heart charm lately, so yesterday I re-listed it in Etsy and then surprise...water colorist CynART saw it and included it in her Jitterbug Perfume treasury. What a wonderful feeling of synchronicity!

Be sure to check out CynArt's Jitterbug Perfume treasury to see her homage to an amazing novel.


  1. oh, congrats beth! what a great treasury... this is a book i seem to have missed so it will be my next read!

  2. great tresury!

    thanks for visiting my blog. it's amazing how stuff we have accumulated, blah

  3. sweet ♥ loving the divine timing :)

  4. Congrats! Your charm is a perfect addition to the treasury!

  5. Thanks for enjoying the auspicious moment!

    Mary Jane, this is definitely interesting read and honestly the best part is pretty close to the end.


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