Karma: Matter that Matters

Karma, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver karma charm

Karma is matter that matters. What you choose to think, say, and do stirs up the karmic wave of your existence and creates new learning. Rejoice wave rider and trust in consciousness and karma carrying you toward infinite bliss.


  1. I really love this one... I could even see this charm together with about 5 others of the same kind hanging from the bottom part of a necklace... That'd be pretty... like 6 in a row spaced out a bit... If I could I would Beth... I still need to use my hummingbird one... It's time I go shop for supplies... Soon... ♥

  2. Am in love with the wave design of this charm (but it seems, I'm in love with all of your charms). Beautiful, as always, Beth!

  3. Lauren, that would be cool design! This wave seems to complement a lot of different charms and gems so I'm looking forward to see how people use it.

    Catherine, thanks for loving this wave!


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