New Spring Earrings

silver dove of peace charm earrings jewelryDove of Peace Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
turquoise, sterling silver wire, and silver dove of peace charms

I just added some new spring earrings to Hint Jewelry today. I've been thinking a lot about earrings lately. They are such wonderfully small and contained pieces of architecture. I love to make them, and I adore wearing them. In fact, I'm more likely to spontaneously buy a pair earrings rather then a necklace.

However, because I have to make two silver Hint charms for each pair of earrings the labor and material cost is pretty much the same value as a sterling silver necklace if not more sometimes. Nevertheless, it seems like people hold a belief that a necklace should cost more than a pair earrings. Have you found this to be true? I started to think about how I shop, and realized that when I want to treat myself to some nice jewelry but don't want to go broke I usually gravitate towards earrings.

silver bunny rabbit charm earrings jewelryRabbit Run Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
sterling silver wire and silver bunny rabbit charms

These bunnies are so cute! And boy I'd love to sell more of them, but I've found that they seem to sell best when they are marked below retail cost. I've come to just enjoy sending them off, hoping one day I'll understand the mystery of their pricing.

silver plum blossom charm earrings jewelryPlum Blossom Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
gold filled wire, pink topaz, and silver plum blossom charms

I've also learned to enjoy that my earrings may not sell, but they could be the spark of interest that draws somebody into my shop or inspires someone to create a similar design for themselves.

I've come to accept the role they play as ambiance. From all my pondering over the last couple weeks, I realized that it might be high time to add some earrings to my shop that feature only gemstones and complement some of my necklace designs so as to build matching sets.

Stay tuned for further earring experiments, and in the meantime I'd love to hear about your ups and downs of designing and selling earrings!


  1. Beth,

    I love your new earrings, and I feel they are a great addition to your line of wonderful artisan jewelry. I will share with you that I am more often inclined to purchase and wear earrings (not a day goes by that I do not wear them, actually) and will splurge for a pair if they are well-crafted more times than I will for a necklace. They are a necessary accessory to my wardrobe and I look very forward to owning a pair of Hint earrings very soon!

    All the best,

  2. i totally agree beth... i look for earrings myself... they are all great, but truth be told - that plum blossom pair is sure to fly out of your shop!

  3. These are simply gorgeous earrings!

    And I sympathize completly on the pricing conundrum for earrings and necklaces. Ah, the mysteries on the "art of pricing".

  4. Oh, yes, I find this to be true in the pieces I make for art market. People love earings but rarely see that it takes two of the same thing that is a single in a necklace. Funny thing, is the woman who is next to me has taken on the role of spokes person for me and explains my pricing to people. I wish I could loan her to you! And the only jewelery I wear regularly is earings and that is true of most women I know.

  5. This was so cool to hear other people's thoughts about earrings!

    Dana thank you so much for your kind words about my work :)

    Mary Jane, thanks for your vote of confidence in my plum blossoms!

    Jenn and LeAnn, I just love hearing the scoop about other jewelry designers woes concerning pricing and how best to communicate value. It is so confusing. LeAnn, maybe your friend needs to make a video tape to share!! And gosh, that is my little secret too. Earrings are by far my most cherished piece of jewelry. How to elevate them to the level of sacred....hmmmmmm


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