Beading Corner: Christi Friesen

Phoenix, Christie Friesen: polymer clay

Polymer clay is a mysterious medium. About 15 years ago when I first tried polymer clay, I thought oh this is going to be so much fun and easier then regular clay. I quickly became aware that polymer clay has its own unique texture and consistency and a new set of rules for how to communicate with it, which are developed over time and consistent practice. So when I see something like this amazing one-of-a-kind phoenix focal bead by Christi Friesen, I can only imagine the loving patience that went into creating it.

Steampunk Bird, Christie Friesen: polymer clay

Christi Friesen also known as CForiginals is a polymer clay artist who not only creates magnificent beads, art jewelry, and sculpture, she also teaches workshops and online classes as well as selling books and downloadable projects that teach you how to recreate her mini masterpieces of imagination.

Her work in polymer clay definitely reminds me of a fantasy world that I would love to get lost in and spend an hour or two daydreaming. Of course I'm immediately drawn to her love of animals and nature, which are primary themes found throughout her polymer clay designs.

She also has this neat new book called Steampunkery that seems super clever. If you're not ready to make a purchase, you might check out her free Steampunk Bug download so you can test drive the medium and Christie Friesen's easy going teaching style. He is the most adorable little bug I've seen this season!


  1. super cool!! love this - thanks so much for sharing!

  2. WOW!!! What an amazing polymer clay artist! Had to chuckle at the "shrunken heads". Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a HappY Easter!

  3. wow! amazing artworks and so talented artist!
    u always bright my day!


  4. Love this! The Phoenix with gears is brilliant.

  5. Glad this was inspiring! Oops, I must have missed the shrunken heads on her site. I bet they were a hoot :)

    I love her use of gears too, pixie!


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