Gem Stories: Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the superstar gemstones used for healing. The ancients referred to quartz as "holy ice," so you can imagine how much reverence this stone garnered over the ages. Considered one of the alternative birthstones for April instead of diamond, quartz communicates a type of purity that is hard to define. Difficult to photograph its true beauty and intensity, I've only use quartz in jewelry that I make for personal healing.

Quartz is great for using during meditation and working with your inner vision -- a type of goal setting stone. During my former computer job, I wore a chunky, quartz bracelet that helped me get through hectic, overwhelming analytical days. I loved how they looked cold like ice cubes yet absorbed the warmth of my skin. This contradiction was a perfect metaphor for my healing.

Healer Necklace, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
silk thread, gold filled chain and clasp, crystal quartz,
rose quartz, prehnite, turquoise, and aquamarine

Quartz has a helical spiral crystalline form, which gives it the unique ability to absorb, store, amplify and release energy. A quartz crystal will align with a person's vibrations so as to take their energy back to its most perfect state -- like tuning a piano.

As you are like a computer with an infinite amount of data stored inside your cellular memory, so is a quartz crystal. Using this gemstone is akin to walking into an ancient library filled with whatever knowledge you are needing in the moment -- like a Google search of your latest spiritual desire.

Last month I was called to make this personal healing necklace photographed above that incorporated crystal quartz along with other powerful restorative stones such as aquamarine, prehnite, rose quartz, and turquoise. Sometimes it feels good just to bring stones together on thread like gathering your greatest emotional and physical healers in one place for a rejuvenating retreat.

Have you found yourself using gemstones in this way before? Which stones are your most powerful healers?


  1. i loved learning about crystal quartz and admit to you that i was completely ignorant of its wonder... i will now view the bags of it i own in a different way - and you can expect to see more of it used...
    i definitely use stones for their inherent healing properties... they are carefully chosen in my work...
    i am a big fan of ametrine(a combination of amethyst and citrine) and iolite...

  2. That is so interesting! I never knew much about quartz. I am a bit new to the healing powers of crystals - apart from Amethyst really. My brother bought me a large Citrine crystal as it's supposed to be really helpful with ME/CFS, with which I have suffered for years now. I have it next to my bed, cos I spend most of my time there.

    I just found your blog, and would like to say it is awesome! I love the charms you make, and look forward to using some in my jewellery making. I just started learning how to make jewellery a year ago, as a hobby as it's something safe I can do in small bursts, and your charms are so unique and gorgeous!

  3. I've always been attracted to turquoise and now that you mention it, I do feel better and feel more grounded wearing my favorite stone.

    You've inspired me with your stone lore to create a clear quartz bracelet...I need all the help I can get!

  4. I love quartz. It is one of my favorites. That and turquoise. The smooth stones from the North Shore of Lake Superior also have a healing nature for me. I feel empowered wearing my zen leaf and lotus bloom created by you. Peace Linda T

  5. Have been putting for about 10 years now the "language of the stones" on the hag tags of my jewelry. Have had people pick one necklace over the other because of a specific metaphysical property. My most powerful healer: defintiely turquoise, one of the most versatile power stones which calms and strengthens and the body and mind. Feel an inner peacefulness when wearing it (:

  6. Mary Jane, ooooh looking forward to seeing quartz in your work and I took am a slave to ametrine!

    Rosjoy, much light and love to you and your healing journey. Citrine is a powerful stone so I hope you find great comfort in it. Thank you for being here and letting me know how much you are enjoying my blog!

    Sharon, that is so cool that you found your stone and honestly I could where a turquoise every day and feel quite content. Have fun playing with yours!

    Linda, thanks so much for reminding of the stones from the Great Lakes. They have a truly special energy that is really brings me home. Now I'm having a little homesickness for a dip in the lake! Thanks so much for enjoying my charms and sharing your spirit here :)

    Catherine, how wonderful to know turquoise is one of your most powerful healing stones! It's endlessly fascinating.

  7. Thanks for the info on quartz crystal. I bought a bracelet made of it and I think I need to start wearing it more. I buy things from visionwise, dreamwise are the pieces she made for me. Check them out. I like the necklace you made with above - how much for a bracelet like that? Patty

  8. Sorry - name of pieces Lauren made for me - DREAMWEAVER

  9. Thanks for enjoying this necklace and the information on quartz, Patty! Unfortunately, I'm not doing custom orders at this time so I don't have a quote on a bracelet.


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