Lifebeats: Celebrate Your Spring Rhythms

Amethyst Ambiance Bracelet, Kimberly Benac (lifebeats):
swarovski crystals, delica beads, beading thread, and Thai silver clasp

"Adornments to help you celebrate the celebrate the rhythms of life!"

Back in February I bought this beautiful Amethyst Ambiance bracelet from Lifebeats because I was ready to start celebrating spring. My friend Kim Benac from Lifebeats created this gorgeous symphony of lavenders and violets in super tiny crystals. It's hard to capture in a photograph how refined yet powerful this bracelet feels on my wrist. It reminds me of a gorgeous piece of lace but modernized in a way that completely expresses what it feels like to be empowered.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that celebrates your rhythm in the world, I totally recommend wearing one of Lifebeat's herringbone bracelets...it may even have the power to produce a sunny, spring day!


  1. that is stunning, i can see why you wanted it for yourself! have to look at her shop...

  2. Mary Jane it reminds me of a finely knitted sweater. The texture and colors are wonderful. Glad you like her work :)


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