Necklace Giveaway from VisionWise

Creative Spirit, VisionWise: carnelian, turquoise, and silver

Lauren from VisionWise is giving away this beautiful necklace called Creative Spirit on her blog this week. A wonderful mix of healing carnelian and turquoise. To enter this giveaway visit the VisionWise Blog. Happy Easter!


  1. Thank you Beth! I look forward to passing along this necklace to someone who appreciates silver, and the stones... the medicine of it... which is why I feel honored that you've reposted my Giveaway here on your wonderful site... where so much magic and healing is shared... I also love how I'm right above the phoenix... That piece is incredible! I keep staring at it in wonder... and I feel in some ways I've risen like a phoenix so many times... as we all do- trasnforming as we grow and learn... It's nice to be here. I've learned a lot from you and your readers :) xo LL

  2. You always find the coolest sites. VisionWise is going to be right up there with your blog as a must read, one to savor and muse over. Thanks, for sharing it, my Friend!

  3. You are so welcome, Lauren! How cool that it happened to be the next post after the phoenix. Thanks for putting your medicine to work in the world!

    Catherine, glad you saw the spirit in this necklace!


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