Behind the Scenes: Seeking Inspiration

Sometimes you go looking for inspiration and other times it finds you.

That's what happened this week in my backyard...
inspiration arrived completely uninvited and took a front row seat on the roof.

Spring started out with me and a happy pair of pigeons forging a new relationship. I would drive home from yoga, and like clock work two pigeons would be perched on my neighbor's roof cooing, reminding me to spread out some seeds for their afternoon snack.

Somehow the other pigeons in the neighborhood took
note of my plump friends and are now dropping in for a feast.

Hmmm...I attract pigeons.

This notion kind of excited me, but then self-doubt crept in, and I wondered if people would think this was strange. Shouldn't I be wanting to attract cute little finches or serious songbirds?

No, a pigeon really is my kind of bird. They are undervalued and overlooked scrappers. They have managed to make urban environments their home yet they are rarely greeted with any kind of sense of wonder by us humans.

They each have their own unique personality and a multitude of color variations.

They even have heated relationships that remind me of my own!

They looked so strong and powerful as they spread their wings in majestic display, I could have sworn they looked like eagles. No, the humble pigeon is my kind of friend and a wonderful source of inspiration.


  1. Looks like 'someone' on the roof was flirting! lol. btw I posted about birds as well...is this de-ja vu?

  2. Am glad there's another person who values pigeons! Have spent many happy hours watching their antics and marveling at their beautiful colors. Never let self-doubt creep in when it comes to our feathered friends :)

  3. Yesterday on my way to work I passed a dead, erie-looking tree that had no less than 20 turkey vultures perched on it. That would have been some inspiration as well- but maybe a little darker.

  4. I love the colors on that bird's breast. I am not a big fan of birds up close since I have been attact twice by birds. The first and most terrifying was a crow that sat on my head and pecked at me when I was about 8. But I do appreciate their beauty and majesty and mystery from afar. And strangely I am attracted to them in my jewelry, but seeing them congregate like that gives me a little chill actually! Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Isn't it interesting that a certain variety of pigeon is equated with "peace" and the "Holy spirit" while our urban feathered friends are called (in London, anyway) "rats with wings"? i suppose it is alll about perception.

    Lovely post,

  6. I love pigeons! Yours are almost psychedelic! Love the scarlet feet. There were pigeons (rock doves?) in Washington DC that were a wonderful shade of rosy mauve. Loved their soft voices and delicate colors. I think it says good things about you that they feel safe near your house.

  7. I like what Catherine wrote ;)

    I too admire them... They are so cool how they sit and puff up when it's cold, they have amazing colors and are super humble undervalued yes.... geez... They're like rats to people... I think they're a good reminder to be adaptive and flexible... to stay low at times, but fly together when things get crazy... They make cool sounds too... Love this animal post... More please... :) xo

  8. Beautiful inspiration!


  9. Chrissy, flirting...is that what they're calling it these days :) Haha! It was a very intense romance :)

    How wonderful to know so many others are intrigued by pigeons too. Lunedreams, rosy mauve sound dreamy and thank you for bringing this image to mind of my home as a safe refuge.

    Lauren, love your insights about being adaptive and flexible!

    Wow, Emanda you were reading my mind! Not knowing enough about ornithology I was wondering if the pigeon was connected to doves. Now I've got to read more! Thank you :)

    Wow, Sophanne 20 Turkey vultures. That must have been crazy. I'm not sure I've even seen one outside a zoo. They are interesting creatures...hmmm I wonder what their story is?

    Oh Erin, that is disturbing. I've heard people who don't seem to recover from this bird pecking as a kid. Maybe you had some good thoughts inside they couldn't wait to see! :)


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