Books by Pema Chodron

I've been hooked on ABC's show FlashForward because it deals with the nature of reality. So I shouldn't have been a surprised when last week a character on FlashForward gave Pema Chodron's The Places that Scare You to a man receiving cancer treatment. This is one of my favorite books about understanding life, and I just finished my second read about two weeks ago.

Here's the quote at the beginning of the book that gives me chills and makes me want to read it all over again:

Confess your hidden faults.
Approach what you find repulsive.
Help those you think you cannot help.
Anything you are attached to, let it go.
Go to the places that scare you.


If you haven't greeted Pema Chodron into your life yet, I invite you to search her out. She is a wonderfully engaging speaker that makes Buddhism extremely accessible. I first found her through tapes that a generous friend loaned to me, but you can check her out on YouTube.

Her book that I find most useful is Comfortable with Uncertainty. In this book Pema Chodron has written 108 concise teachings that examine fearlessness and compassion. I used this book as a daily meditation and read one a day for a while to deepen my meditation practice.

Do you have a favorite book by Pema Chodron?


  1. I must confess I'm not much of a reader. Actually its that I don't have time to read. So when I do, the book had better be a good one! Lately I tend to look for books that have been recommended by others, and Pema's books look like they are worth the time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These really do sound great. And a challenge too. But I can always use another challenge in my life. Thanks for sharing. Ever insightful and inspiring! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. hi Beth! I'm a fan of Pema Chodron, also... picked up her book a few years ago when I was searching ... seeking I guess some people say. Since her books I've become more hooked on Eckhart Tolle. He just comes across more clear and concise with me. But Pema's books are definitely to be cherished also. When I moved from the US to Israel last year I had to decide on just a few books to take with me. Guess which ones won? Chodron and Tolles! Glad to hear of other fans.

  4. ...I felt moved to go check on Amazon for this book after reading your blog, and I ended up buying it as a celebration gift for my 100th sale... :)
    It'll be perfect to take with me on our upcoming road trip along the coast... we're going north, but not as-far-as Oregon north... but nonetheless I'm sending my love your way Beth... Thanks for the inspiration...

  5. Hi Beth,
    I love Pema & have been reading her books & listening to her audio tapes for about two years now.
    I feel I've learned so much.
    Her calendar is on my wall next to my desk.
    Thic tat Nan is another amazing teacher!
    It's exciting to see synchronicity @ work again!
    All the bst to you,

  6. Alice, Uncomfortable with Uncertainty was the best book for reading on the go. Each chapter is packed with stuff but usually no more than 2 or 3 pages long. Hope you enjoy one of them!

    Erin, her books always challenge me to think deeper, so I hope you take her on!

    Blanche thanks so much for reminding I need to read Eckhart Tolle. He's been on my list for a couple years now and I'm not sure what's holding this up. He's next on my list!

    Lauren, how cool that you celebrated your 100th sale with a book by Pema. Have fun on your trip! Love those coastal travels...

    Diane, I'm not surprised we both love Pema...hmmm maybe she brought us together. A lot of her words are woven into my charm descriptions and inspired a lot of the meaning that goes into my work.


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