Hummingbird Treasures

Snowcap Hummingbird (Microchera Albocornata) photograph by Michael Woodruff

Hummingbirds are endlessly fascinating to me and once you become open to seeing this tiny bird, you seem to start seeing them all over the place. Just in the last couple months I've seen three movies that feature a hummingbird as integral to the story. They hold the promise of coming close to you, but are illusive at the same time.

This amazing photograph of a Snowcap hummingbird was taken by my friend and jewelry designer Catherine Waterhouse on one of her traveling adventures.

Colibri en Paraiso, Catherine Waterhouse:
bronzy freshwater pearls, ruby, garnet, keishe pearls, sterling silver,
and fine silver hummingbird charm from Hint Jewelry

Catherine Waterhouse uses these moments in nature to directly inspire her jewelry designs like her Snowcap Hummingbird bracelet Colibri en Paraiso that features a Hint Jewelry Messenger charm. She managed to capture all the colors of this special bird along with that cute little white tuff on his head!

Mending the Web, Lauren Luquin (VisionWise):
abalone shell, charoite, bloodstone, jade, black onyx, snowflake obsidian, moonstone,
labradorite, rhodonite, carnelian, rose quartz, red jasper, amazonite, iolite, lepidolite,
smoky quartz, chrysoprase, amber, jet, pieterrsite, rutilated quartz, kyanite,
watermelon tourmaline, black tourmaline, serpentine, aquamarine, flourite, and rhodochrosite bead
silver Hint Jewelry hummingbird and spider charms

Jewelry designer Lauren Luquin of VisionWise was also called to celebrate the beauty of the hummingbird with this wonderful power necklace called Mending the Web. The gems and the arrangement of the colors in this necklace are so evocative of a hummingbird's shimmering feathers. I just adore this piece and how she paired Hint Jewelry's Messenger charm with Spider Woman.

Mending the Web, Lauren Luquin (VisionWise)

You can read more about Lauren Luquin's inspiration for this necklace and its healing powers on her VisionWise Earth Livity blog.

Messenger, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
sterling silver chain and hummingbird charm

This hummingbird charm named Messenger was one of my first designs and still offers me endless creative adventures. Hopefully, she will make it onto Hint Jewelry necklace design this summer as I search for hummingbirds in my own garden :)

Thank you to all the many people who have shared their vision of the hummingbird with me through stories and art!


  1. Wow. Such inspiring pieces. So different. So unique. And the Hint charms really make these pieces soar from just pretty to pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing these designers. I am going to check them out.
    Enjoy the day, Beth!

  2. Thank you, Beth, for posting my hummingbird bracelet! As you well know, it was long time in the making. Isn't it wonderful how people can take the same charm and come up with totally different designs?

    A correction, however. I would like to take credit for the hummingbird photo, but it is not mine. A man named Michael Woodruff took it - it's the best pic of a snowcap I've seen and is on quite a few sites. Sorry about the confusion! Saw a snowcap in Costa Rica but it would not cooperate and sit still long enough for a photo :)

  3. Mending the Web is more than a necklace to me, it is a talisman that I carry for my healing and a creative force that reminds me to find joy in all of the small yet wondrous things in life... It propels me to open my eyes wider and dig deeper into my depths where there is so much work to be done... I remember my grandmother and how she has inspired me, how she has nurtured my spirit... Her gentle and quiet strength echoes in this piece... Mending the Web is a glimpse into a part of my soul that longs to shimmer in the sun with love and light gleaming for all to feel... I chose your charms Beth because they spoke to me... they resonate with me, and I also respect and admire your creations and your inspiring blog.... I will forever cherish this necklace and be grateful that you made these charms. I appreciate so much that you would make a blog post about your Messenger charm- displaying my necklace and Catherine's beautiful bracelet. I feel healed from this connection. Thank you.

  4. What fun to bring the work of two people together through one charm! I'm glad to be in the company of such wonderful women.

    Erin, glad you love the spirit of this work!

    Catherine, thanks so much for the correction and sharing that beautiful photo with me!

    Lauren, I'm so glad your creation is bringing you lots of healing :)


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